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USD over at NeoGAF did a bang up job translating the latest SSF4: AE dev blog which details some of the changes for a good chunk of the cast. Some of this stuff you might already know, but again it gives us a closer look at some of the subtle and not so subtle changes for each character. 





About hitbox improvements and new combos

-cl.LP hitbox is extended foward, making it easier to use, easier to confirm combos

-For example, with the new 7F cr.HK, cr.LK → cl.LP → st.LP or cl.LP → cr.HK (144 damage 210 stun) is now possible

-Depending on the character, cr.LK → cl.LP → st.MP → cr.HK (176 damage 250 stun) is also possible.

cl.LP in Super

cl.LP in AE


About Cosmic Heel's properties

-The block stun on Cosmic Heel is decreased

-The move is still 14F start-up, 5F active as before, but is now -4 when blocked point-blank, +0 when blocked at the tip (down from -1/+3)

-To prevent counters, be aware of the range and hit with the tip

If used from about this distance...

even if it's blocked...

you're fine!



About Big Bang Typhoon (UC2)

-UC2 has different properties

-Damage is now 47 + 21x11 + 23x5 + 27 = 420 (down from 450)

-Mid-air opponents are knocked away when hit, so don't expect any damage

-Since the move is projectile-invincible and has a large vacuum range, try using it as anti-ground

Damage in Super

Damage in AE



About EX Rekkaken

-EX Rekka's recovery is modified, with the hit and block advantage greatly changed

-1st hit: +2 on hit, +0 on block (improved from -4/-8)

-2nd hit: +0 on hit, -1 on block (improved from -6/-10)

-3rd hit: Down on hit, -23 on block

-Even when the 2nd hit is blocked, Fei is not at a large disadvantage, so we recommend using up to the 2nd hit as much as you like

-Also, because EX Rekka has the same projectile properties as Hadoken, be aware that it won't hit opponents using projectile-invincible moves.

EX Rekka and Hadoken negating each other



 About Juri's hitboxes and hurtbox

-Numerous hitbox and hurtbox changes have been introduced

-st.LP's hitbox is extended forward, and the hurtbox from the elbow to tip has been cut

-cr.LP's hurtbox, which used to reach to the wrist, now is cut down to the elbow

-Since both move's hurtboxes are smaller, they're less likely to be stuffed compared to before

-As for specials, the hurtbox on Kasatsushi (Counter) armor from startup until 3F after has been reduced

st.LP's hitbox

cr.LP's hitbox



About damage changes

-Many normals have modified damage

- j.HP now does 80 (down from 85), B+HP is 60+50 (down from 70+50)

-j.HP → B+HP → LP Yoga Flame now does 228 damage, 320 stun (damage down from 243)

-B+HK is 90 (down from 110), B+LK is now 30 (down from 40)

-Though his damage is lowered, other than the startup changes mentioned in the last blog (cr.MP and EX Yoga Flame), Dhalsim's moves are the same as they were in Super

The above combo's damage in Super

The above combo in AE


-Though there's no changes in priority from Super, below is the hitbox for B+HK, frequently used as an anti-air. Dhalsim is invincible around the head area, so keep that mind


Next week is Chun-Li, El Fuerte, Sakura, Cody, Guile, and M.Bison.

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Nice. Can't wait for Makoto's changes!

January 24, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterikjgrshuof

Just look at B+RH with Dhalsim. Goddamn.

January 24, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterdijon

Now that's a large knee.

January 25, 2011 | Registered Commentercerz
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