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« EVO 2010: Sirlin's "The Miracle Man with Zangief", an article about HD Remix Winner Snake Eyes »

David Sirlin, who was involved in the development of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, put up a blog post a few days ago about Snake Eyes, the EVO 2010 winner in that game's tournament. It's a great behind the scenes article.

Check out "Evolution 2010: The Miracle Man with Zangief" here on Sirlin's website.

Here's a sample:

I played Snake Eyes a long time ago on Xbox Live, and I didn't think a lot of him. Yeah he's good, but so are a lot of other players. Zangief has a lot of bad matchups, so I can counterpick and be fine, whatever. But people told me "no really, this guy is GOOD." AquaSnake claimed Snake Eyes would make top 8 "for sure, guaranteed" and that he would probably make top 2. This seemed crazy to me. Another player told me there was some casual play of Street Fighter HD Remix with about 20 known players, and Snake Eyes beat all of them in a row with no losses, then beat all of them again. (What??)

In case you missed it, here is the EVO 2010 Grand Finals for HD Remix between DVG (Ryu) and Snake Eyes (Zangief). It's an epic matchup with lots of clutch plays. Believe it or not, HD Remix is a great game and still has an active following.

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i'd love me some good quality videos.. i won't spoil my pleasure to watch SnakeEyez & co. with these LQ stream captures

July 19, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterpoke
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