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Well, looks like Claw is F tier after all which is surprising. Thanks again to poonage from SRK for the full translation



Here we go folks. I did have to look up a couple of fighting game terms I didn't know for this one, but I'm confident in this translation's accuracy for the most part.

Read and discuss!

begin translation

I'm free today, so here's my 2nd diary update for the day . . .

Tentative character rankings!

Whether it's perfect yet is subjective,
but I doubt there are any mistakes.

S: Zangief

He's different. Perfectly different.

When people say he's at a disadvantage to Sagat, I think "what the hell?"

It's one thing to say,
"There's a bad matchup when I use Zangief"
"All characters have a bad matchup against Zangief"
is more like it.

Without taking into consideration the Zangief players who have a life lead and think "I'll SPD them one more time",
I'm really talking just about "the Zangief in my head",

But those "I will keep attacking with Zangief until they're dead" people,
While I don't think that's the best way to play him, I still think that style is strong enough.

For people who have a different opinion,
Against "Zangief with a life lead holding down back",
Please clearly show me an attack style that will beat it!

BESIDES a Ryu with a Shinkuu Hadouken or charging up for one.

AA: Sagat

Strong enough, maybe the character for Street Fighter 2 specialists?

That's what I thought,
but Tiger Knee destroys everything.

If you watch closely it's almost like a dragon punch,
and you can punish whiffed footsies against some characters,
but that's not the problem.

The fact that in addition to his natural SF2 effectiveness,
he still has Tiger Knee puts him at this rank.

A: M. Bison (Dictator)

The fact that he can hang with Zangief/Sagat is his strong point.
There's an overwhelming feeling that he can't do anything to lower ranked characters,
But if you just play regular footsies (or even if you're forced to play footsies), he's strong.

A: Ryu

The speed of fierce Shoryuken is a point of Ryu's adaptation to SF4.
There's also the perfect backdash counter, his hurricane kick.

The rest doesn't need to be said.

A: Rufus

The only character in SF4
who gets a huge return on on throw motions and holding down back.

I can't say anything flattering about his footsies,
but unlike ST and 3rd Strike,
Attacks that control the screen (like fireballs that don't disappear)
Don't exist in SF4, so it doesn't matter too much.

B: Chun Li

By all rights, she's below Zangief/Sagat,
but "she will always lose to any Zangief"
Is too strong of an assessment for this spot.

B: Ken

From here on out, Ken's potential is vast.
Fierce shoryuken and fierce hurricane kick are the bottlenecks.
Bearing Zangief/Sagat in mind,
You can assume that he's not the 3rd best character.

B: Balrog (boxer)
I thought this when I tried him myself, and he's definitely strong.
Because his value is dependent on mind games/readability (besides just headbutt),
You can assume this character has his pros and cons.

B: Abel

As I thought, a strong character.
This is a simple way of saying it,
but he feels a lot like 3rd Strike Makoto.

He's more stylish than Makoto.

B: Blanka

For people who don't understand, his matches probably looks shitty and boring,
but actually he's a character that's easy to understand.

Keeping in mind that he can hold his own against Zangief,
The next time, there's a good chance he will be higher.

C: Viper

She holds much power,
but as I thought, it seems like she doesn't fit the game.

Nonetheless, I haven't used her much myself,
so there's a chance she may climb up to B rank.

There's no way she'll become better than Zangief/Sagat.

C: Fuerte

Depends on your ability to link 18 fierces.

Well . . .
I usually think of it based on me not missing in tournaments,
But I guess this loop is an exception.

That being the case, he goes here.

C: Guile

Even comparing him to the old Guile,
I think he really did become more interesting.

The scariness of letting go of a charge isn't as bad in SF4,
so I really want more Guiles to focus on that when they play.
But I digress.

D: Honda

His basic stats are high,
but each of his moves are way too bad.

in SF4's gameplay,
You can't say "this character is weak, therefore they can't win",
So I expect character specialists and hard studiers to make an appearance with him.

D: Dhalsim

For people who say he can win against Ryu and Ken,
I have no idea what you're seeing.

At least now,
There is no Dhalsim that I've lost more than 2 games against.
Someone please explain this to me.

With a CVS2 player like Iyo's skill level,
He might rise a little higher,
but my skill level is lower so he goes here.

F: Vega (claw)

Extremely disadvantaged.

You must be willing to really win with time-ups only.
Or should I say, he's just that kind of character.

It's just that he doesn't have the adequate tools to do even that with,
so that's basically the reason he gets the lowest rank.

With all the tools,
If you concentrate solely on time-up wins . . .


That's the idea.

I am completely riddled by Akuma.

Summary below.

S: Zangief
AA: Sagat

A: Dictator, Ryu, Rufus
B: Chun Li (she's only here because of Zangief), Boxer, Abel, Blanka

C: Viper (for now), El Fuerte, Guile

D: Honda, Dhalsim
(Up to now, haven't used them at all)

F: Claw (I expect him to stay here)

If I were to write the main idea behind these ranks,

"At my skill level, and the current metagame, this is about right".

To the people that say
"What?! You're not changing Claw??",

I don't expect you to be saying that much longer.
end translation



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