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So this game kind of flew under the radar for me since after playing a bit of Crisis Core I've avoided anything Final Fantasy related for quite sometime. I suppose I am just growing out of RPGs and have for quite some time but this game is a little different. After checking out a couple videos I'd say it actually looks pretty interesting. Final Fantasy Dissidia is a fighting game based on the Final Fantasy universe with some RPG elements involved with it. As expected from SQUARE, the graphics look top notch and the game play looks like it will allow you to heavily customize your character.

The game comes out the end of this week and is region free so go ahead and pick up a copy from!

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy's debut, Square Enix round up the heroes and anti-heroes from their star RPG series and have them participate in a battle royale. Belonging to the camp of the god of peace Cosmos and the god of struggles Chaos, the 20 characters are pit against each other in fighting tournaments.

The concept of winning a fight is simple, unleash a string of attacks and deplete the HP bar of your opponent. The higher your hit rate is, the more brave points you store and the more special attacks you can launch. What sure kill attacks you can employ depend on your characters.

Pit your favourites against generations of FF characters and find out who the strongest is amongst you.

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The intro sure does bring out a lot of emotions for anyone who's ever picked up a Final Fantasy game before. I'm getting antsy just looking at the characters. This brings up a few questions:

Is the gameplay going to be as appealing as the art direction?
Is this game going to be worth buying a PSP for if you don't have one?

December 16, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterthrust07

Yeah as I mentioned I havent been into Final Fantasy in a while and a FF fighting game would make anyone skeptical afterthe PSone game Ergheiz (or however you spell it). At the same time the gameplay looks fun and people who have played it say it's pretty fluid and enjoyable.

If you dont have a PSP I'd say pick one up anyway. It's a great portable system if you are into fighters. It has Tekken 5 DR, Street Fighter Alpha 3 and some other non-fighting games that are also a lot of fun (God of War!). I play my PSP waaaay more than my DS, just for the record. :)

December 16, 2008 | Registered Commenterhaunts
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