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This is a great interview from Kikizo with Makoto Osaki, SEGA AM2 development boss. One of the more interesting aspects is that it appears the high damage combos in VF5:R were intentionally put into the game by the SEGA AM2 team.  This is the "destructive direction" they are taking the game:

Kikizo: How do you go about deciding how to re-balance the abilities of the characters each time you make a revision to the game?

Osaki: Every time we do a revision to the game, our motion director and ace player, Katagiri-san, works to adjust the game balance. Every time, we have a certain "scene" for the version. Up until this point, we've tried to equalize the balance amongst all the characters with a more "mild" game balance. But for VF5R, we've gone in more of a... how would you say it... "destructive" direction. By that I mean that all the characters have some powerful, hard-hitting attacks and potential to inflict a lot of damage on each other given the right opportunity. Both characters in a match have strong moves available to them. This means that a single round can end very fast when compared to the original game. However, we have gleamed that this is the sort of thing that our users want.

Kikizo: So more high-damage combos like in VF2 and VF3.

Osaki: It's more in line with the initial version of VF4. Virtua Fighter 2... man, that game was HARSH. You'd eat Akira's Tetsuzankou and you could pretty much kiss that round goodbye. You had matches ending in three seconds back then!

Read the rest of the interview here.

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i think it's good that the fighting genre as a whole has adopted a high damage based gameplay engine, because it always ends up in the developer trying to give players ways to counteract it.

when i look at vf5r, i don't see that many drastic changes over vf5; the majority of rounds are still close range exchanges of mids, highs and throws, and risky moves are still risky- everything is just much stronger than it was in the last game. in this sense, it places far more emphasis on not getting hit and perhaps taking defensive risks over full out offense (like many fighters, especially older ones, tend to lean towards).

quite honestly, for the few changes in the core gameplay they've made, i think they've just made vf5 a whole lot better.

October 6, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterquash

I agree as long as each character has similar tools and the situations/combos are somewhat challenging to pull off.

Like with 3s Yun is the only one with custom combo abilities. How would the game change if everyone had the same ability? I actually prefer being able to punish the opponent badly, but having these tools limited to one character is what leads to a "broken game". I don't know if this has ever been the case with a Virtua Fighter game though.

October 7, 2008 | Registered Commenterhaunts
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