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Morrigan - Capcom

"There's no crime in doing something that feels good; is there?"


Morrigan is a mysterious succubus and the ruler of Aensland. Born to one of the noble families in the Makai world, Morrigan detests boredom and ventures down to the human world in pursuit of stimulating events. She has large wings comprised of bats that also act as her fighting assistants. In battle, her wings can morph into a wide range of weapons to suit her needs, including a drill, blades, a jet booster, and many other forms. 






Morrigan Aensland originated in the Darkstalker series (known as the Vampire series in Japan).  She's a sexy succubus who is very vein and lives for the thrill of battle.  Despite her appearance, she is not inherently evil and instead is something closer to an anti-hero.





The slinky seductress of Darkstalkers fame may seem like a simple character at first - with a Ryu-esque fireball and shoryuken special - but in fact she requires some technical skill to be played most effectively. Due to her odd dash, she is able to go from standing to airborn in a split second, letting her pressure with blisteringly fast lows and overheads one after the other. It also means she has very awkward mobility. Her Hyper Moves are also very situational and can not be relied on for easy results. Morrigan requires quick thinking and good execution skills in order to make the most of her unique skills.



Difficulty: Intermediate

Style: heavy rushdown

Defensive power: She can stay away and shoot projectiles if she wants, but she can't go toe to toe with real keepaway players like Megaman or Saki. She has enough tools to be defensively sound, average HP and a quick command grab to get her out of blockstrings. Because she is almost always airborn, it's often hard to land proper ground combos on her.

Offensive power: Her damage output is fairly low compared to many other characters. Her combos are fairly short and she doesn't have any ways to extend them without help. She also can't combo into her level 1 hypers naturally, which hurts her damage a bit. She does, however, have very nasty rushdown ability and some of the fastest high-low mixups in the game.

Approach strength: Her ability to pressure the opponent is very strong. Morrigan can mix between low and high, ground an aerial with uncanny speed. Characters who have strong anti-air techniques will have less trouble dealing with her, but most of the cast does not want her to be too close.

Combo ability: Her combo ability is somewhat poor. She relies on her partners and baroque to help extend her short combos. Her combo strings are quite basic and don't really progress further than simple ground combos to launcher strings.

Meter Usage: Morrigan generally prefers to save meter for Darkness Illusion, which is one of her primary means of finishing off an opponent. Her level 1 Hypers are very rarely used, but instead she may want to spend meter on Crossover Air Raids, which are a good way to add to her poor damage at a relatively low cost.

Key Techniques: Repeated ground dash into up-cancelled air normals is Morrigan's primary method of pressure. By pressing the attack button and then quickly tapping up, she can attack almost immediately after leaving the ground and then have her attack immediately cancel on landing.

Partner Options: Morrigan benefits from anyone with strong air combos to whom she can crossover air raid with. Tekkaman, Batsu, Viewtiful Joe, Tekkaman Blade, Frank West, Chun Li and others are all useful for this purpose.