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Yuri Sakazaki




  • St.A is a low anti hop normal, not as useful as st.B.
  • Cr.A has a somewhat good anti air hitbox, since it lowers Yuri a fair bit.  Very specific.  Special cancellable though.
  • J.A is actually one of the few air special cancellable moves in this game, giving Yuri an interesting pressure game if used correctly.  Follow up with moves like Dive Kick or EX Raioken for some crazy frame advantage.





  • St.B is Yuri's go-to anti-hop mechanic, since it is fast and covers a good amount of space.  Special cancellable and linkable from cr.B, making this move essential for both combos and pressure with the Demon Flip.
  • Cr.B puts Yuri's hitbox at a very low state and reaches fairly far, so use this move as both an anti-air (for jumps without a great downward hitting angle) and as a poke.  Great combo starter as well.
  • J.B will almost never lose in an air to air battle, if spaced correctly.  Can also be doubled as a jump in, since it has such a great angle.





  • Yuri's cl.C is very useful for when the opponent normal jumping straight above your head, as it will tag them right out of the air.  Starts up very fast as well, so combine this move with Demon Flip for some crazy crossup shenanigans.
  • Cr.C is one of Yuri's best anti airs.
  • J.C is a tad stubby as a poke, but it does have a crossup hitbox.  A little harder to crossup on standing opponents, but those caught crouching will eat a crossup j.C easily.




  • St.D is much like Ryu's standing roundhouse; it doesn't have the best startup, but it works as a great poking tool for those either standing from a far distance or trying to hop in.
  • Cr.D is a great tool for Yuri.  This sweep reaches very far, and is special cancellable, giving Yuri some interesting options in the hop game.  Combine with Saiha or Ko-ohken, and Yuri eliminates many of your opponents options.
  • J.D is Yuri's go-to jump in.  Though it doesn't have the same air to air properties as j.B, j.D has a great hitbox that is hard to anti air.  Also has a crossup hitbox.




Yuri Raijin Kyaku: df + B (In air)


  • Yuri's dive kick.  In short, this move is amazing.  Connecting this move even at the opponent's neck will still lead to enough hitstun to combo, so please take advantage of this move.  Combined with dp.K, and Yuri gets many nasty crossup setups.



Tsubame Tsubasa: f + A


  • An overhead attack that only leads to Neomax outside of HD mode.  In HD mode, however, Yuri gains the ability to special cancel this move, giving her access to her deadly 100% 2 meter loop.




Saiha: QCB + P (EX)


  • Great for anti airs and combos.  C version gives an extra juggle state.  A version builds a lot of meter on whiff.



Ko Ou Ken: QCF + P (EX)


  • Both versions of the move are not your typical fireball attacks.  Instead, Ko Ou Ken should be used like Yun's palm (from Street Fighter).  For what it lacks as a fireball, Ko Ou Ken has a gigantic hitbox and leads to decent frame advantage.



Yuri Chou Upper: DP + P (EX)


  • A version has some invincibility, so this is great as a surprise reversal or anti air.  Be wary, though, as it does not have a very good hitbox, so it could whiff on certain jump angles.
  • C version should only be used for combos.
  • Do not use EX version for reversals.  Hcb.BD is a much better reversal, and it is much safer.



Hyakuretsu Binta: HCB + K (EX)


  • B version is an extremely fast command grab that will punish almost everything, including moves that might be pseudo-safe (like Kyo qcf.D).  Last hit is Drive and Super cancellable.
  • D version is also an unblockable grab, but the grab frames start once Yuri runs forward for a bit.  Much like Maxima's qcb.D.
  • EX version has invulnerability, but this version is not an actual grabbed and can be blocked.



Raiohken: QCF + K (Also possible in air)

Ootori Tsubasa: DP + K (EX)

Hasei Dageki: After Ootori Tsubasa, P

Hasei Yuri Raijin Kyaku: After Ootori Tsubasa, K

Hasei Tsubame Otoshi: After Ootori Tsubasa, A + C 



Hien Hou'ou Kyaku: QCFHCB + K (EX)

Haoh Shoukoken: FHCF + P



Haoh Raiohken: QCBx2 + A + C


Console Changes

  • Kuuga(dp+P)'s travel distance and falling trajectory has been changed
  • Houyoku(dp+K)'s followup with Tsubame Otoshi(AC) has "anywhere juggle" detection (it hits regardless of the opponent's state)
  • Jump A can be canceled with Yuri Raijinkyaku(df.B)
  • Weak Hyakuretsu Binta(hcb+B) has been changed to a throw
  • Hyakuretsu Binta(hcb+K) can be drive canceled. However, not the EX version.
  • Standing B has faster Startup
  • Jump CD's hit detection stays out longer
  • Yuri Raijinkyaku(df.B in air)'s executable height limit has been eased
  • EX Hyakuretsu Binta has shorter invincibility after its attack detection comes out
  • Haou Shoukouken has faster recovery

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