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Kyo Kusanagi


  • St.A is a short ranged jab that anti-hops pretty well, but whiffs on crouchers, so be careful in using this move.
  • Cr.A chains from cr.B, and is both cancellable into specials and command normal df.D, so this move is essential in both blockstrings and combos.



  • St.B surprisingly has a good amount of horizontal coverage, so this move serves as a great poke, along with a good way to combo from rapid fire shorts.  Combos into hcb.K.
  • Cr.B reaches pretty far, so aside from combos, this move is a good in run pressure and in the footsie game.  Also lowers Kyo's hitbox a great amount, so players should use this move to anti air certain jump-ins.
  • J.B is one of Kyo's best air normals.  Not only does it do well air to air, but the move itself has the perfect angle for hops and cross ups, so use this normal accordingly.  Keep in mind, though, that it is a light attack, so the blockstun may not yield that much frame advantage on high blocks.



  • Cl.C is one of Kyo's most useful tools in his arsenal.  Not only is it one of his fastest normals, but it is indespensable as a pressure tool and an anti air.  Sometimes even useful as a wakeup move, since it is so fast.
  • Far.C is an overall laggy move; poorly spaced cl.C attempts may end up getting this move instead, so be careful.
  • Cr.C is one of the best crouching anti airs in the game, functioning almost like Ryu's "Mexican Uppercut" from Street Fighter.



  • St.D a unique normal; not only is it an amazing poke that will punish badly spaced hops, but it also goes over lows when spaced correctly.  Great for use in the neutral game as a footsie tool.
  • J.D is Kyo's go-to air to air that will either win, or at the very least, trade.  It, however, does not hit crouchers, meaning that the opponent can anti air with a cr.B.


C +D

  • Great air-to-air attack. Combo into QCB + D on air-to-air Counter Hit.



Geshiki Goufu You: f + B

  • An overhead attack that cannot be combo'd into.  Useful as a sneaky HD starter though.


88 Shiki: df + D

  • Two hit low attack.  This command normal is one of Kyo's most useful moves for combo'ing off of lows.  As with most command normals, this is a great way to confirm into HD.  First hit is special cancellable.


Geshiki Naraku Otoshi: d + C (In air)

  • A very fast command normal that is amazing in hop pressure.  Very hard to anti air, and puts the opponent in a huge amount of blockstun, so please take advantage of this move.




100 Shiki Oniyaki: DP + P (EX)

  • Kyo's uppercut functions like the traditional dragon punch; invincible reversal and great anti air.
  • Regular version, strangely, lacks a lower hitbox and lower invulnerability, so some hitboxing lowering moves might beat it.
  • EX version is very fast and has a vacuum effect, guaranteeing hits.

108 Shiki Yami Barai: QCF + P (EX)

  • Standard KOF fireball that travels across the ground, thus, is hoppable easily.
  • EX version is extremely fast and goes through other projectiles, so is useful as a mixup in the fireball war.


101 Shiki Oboroguma: RDP + K (EX)

  • D version 3 hits, giving Kyo corner carry.  Second hit is super cancellable, if you desire to spend the meter.
  • B version retains a special juggle state, making it possible to DP or qcf.B after in the corner.  Also super cancellable.


212 Shiki Kototsuki You: HCB + K (EX)

  • EX version is no longer the 1f grab it was in console (3~4 now), so it can't be used as a guaranteed punisher.  However, this move still gives Kyo a very much needed tool for both hop pressure and wakeup.
  • Regular version can be super cancelled on first hit, if you feel like spending the meter.
  • Above all, this move is Kyo's most viable combo ender, netting huge damage and leaving the opponent in a hard knockdown.


75 Shiki Kai: QCF + K (EX)

  • D version puts the opponent into a juggle state, letting you follow up with whatever you want.
  • B version retains a special juggle state when combo'd into.  For example, can be combo'd after qcf.D, rdp.b for even more juggles.



Ura 108 Shiki Orochinagi: QCBHCF + P (Also possible in air) (EX)

  •  Regular versions of this super should only be used in combos.  This super,  however, is very damaging, and in some cases, can be followed up with moves like hcb.D.
  • EX version, surprisingly, is a 2 frame super, making it useful for anti airs, punishes, and hit confirms.  For example, EX super is fast enough to even be linked after a cl.C.



Ura 121 Shiki Ama-no-Murakumo: QCFx2 + A + C

  • Although this Neomax is great for HD mode, it also has a place in neutral combat.  If timed correctly, this Neomax will go straight through fireballs for a fullscreen punish.  It also has a good anti air hitbox, so use this accordingly.




  • Cr.B, cr.B, st.B xx hcb.D
  • Cr.B, cr.A, df.D (1 hit) xx qcf.D, hcb.D
  • St.C, df.D (1 hit) xx qcf.D, rdp.B, qcf.B, dp.C (Corner)


1 Bar

  • St.C, df.D (1 hit) xx qcf.D, qcb~hcf.A
  • St.C, df.D (1 hit) xx qcf.D, rdp.B, qcf.B, rdp.B, dp.AC (Corner)


1 Bar 1 Drive

  • St.C, df.D (1 hit) xx qcf.D, rdp.B (SC) qcb~hcf.A, qcf.A, hcb.D (Corner)


2 Bar 2 Drive

  • St.C, df.D (2 hits) (HD) st.D xx qcf.D, rdp.B, dp.C (HDC) rdp.B, dp.C (HDC) rdp.B, dp.A (HDC) rdp.B, dp.C (HDC) qcfx2.AC (Going into the corner)




  • Shiki Kotoskuki B cant delay the second kick
  • Air EX Orochinagi is now posible
  • Shiki Kai will connect after df.D midscreen
  • 88 Shiki (df+D) moves forward more. As a result, stand C, df+D, QCF+K now does the full four hits
  • Kototsuki You (HCB+K) has more lag on block
  • B version of 75 Shiki Kai (QCF+K) can now be followed up with other attacks. On the ground you can only follow up with an uppercut, but on a mid-air hit you can do more interesting things
  • Added an EX version for his mid-air Orochinagi. It does 3 hits and 300 damage. Unlike the ground version it has no invincibility but is very fast
  • Far D has less lag.

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