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Kula Diamond



  • Avoid st.A and cr.A. Both are slow normals with worse than average hitboxes.
  • J.A is a fast hop-in, but leads to little hit/blockstun. Can be used as a hyper hop instant overhead with perfect timing.


  • St.B is arguably Kula's best normal. Insane poke range and special cancellable.
  • Kula's cr.B is one of the best in the game; great range, chainable into st.B, and lowers her hitbox a ton for anti air trip guards.
  • J.B is Kula's go-to air to air. Will win in almost every air to air situation, but be wary as it does whiff on crouchers.


  • Cl.C is your basic punish starter and blockstring starter.
  • Far st.C is punishable on hit, so use sparingly. Special cancel makes it semi-safe.
  • Cr.C is a great anti-air, but keep in mind that it is punishable on (grounded) hit and has a huge hurtbox.
  • J.C serves as a good angled jump in against grounded opponents. Also works as a somewhat slow neutral hop instant overhead.


  • Cr.D is a fast, decent range sweep. Special cancellable.
  • J.D is a good all around jump in. Works decently as an air to air, especially after a jump back.


One Inch: f + A

  • Basic HD starter command normal.

Slider Shoot: df + B

  • Fast command normal normal that can be used to punish far reaching, unsafe moves. Also sits under some projectiles (like Leona's earring) for a free punish. Unsafe on block.


Ray Spin: QCB + K (EX)

  • Kula's "Tatsu" style move that are essential to her BnB's. When spaced correctly, "B" Lay spin can be safe, but be wary as most distances of Lay Spin are punishable by most command grabs and uppercuts. As a console buff though, "D" Lay Spin is now safe on block.
  • EX Lay Spin is a very important combo tool, as it combos off both st.B and cr.B. Can be followed up with dp.C midscreen, or qcb.B in the corner.

Stand: After Ray Spin, f + B

  • Kula shoots a small projectile after the "B" Lay Spin to make it semi-safe. Can still be punished in-between.

Sit: After Ray Spin, f + D

  • A slide similar to Kula's df.B command normal. Should not be used outside of EX Layspin followup combos.

Crow Bites: DP + P (EX)

  • Dp.A serves as one of Kula's only options for the 45 degree angle hop space above her. Has invincibility, but use wisely as the risk-reward is dangerous.
  • Dp.C is Kula's most damaging meterless combo ender, but does not lead to a hard knockdown. Although it whiffs on crouchers and offers no invincibility, dp.C can trade for a full cl.C combo afterwards.
  • EX Crow Bites equips Kula with a very fast invincible reversal. Covers a huge amount of horizonal space, but be careful as it's horizontal movement makes it hard to anti air enemies straight above.

Diamond Breath: QCF + P (EX)

  • The A version of Diamond Breath is a good pressure tool that can be used as an anti-jump, while still keeping Kula neutral on block. A clean hit in the corner leads to a Lay Spin juggle, but Kula players should be careful as a Diamond Breath blockstring can be punished by GCAB or a good DP.
  • The C version is slower, but leaves the opponent in a reeling stun state on hit.
  • If you choose to use meter in the corner. extending your combo with EX Diamond Breath is a good way to net damage.

Counter Shell: QCB + P (EX)

  • A projectile counter that sends a fast icicle back the opponent. Surprisingly, hitting the opponent with Counter Shell as a combo ender leads to a hard knockdown, so please use this to your advantage.


Diamond Edge: QCFx2 + P (EX)

  • A midscreen combo ender that nets decent damage in exchange for less opponent meter build. Most players Super Cancel off her dp.C.

Freeze Execution: HCBx2 + P (uses 2 Super bars)

  • Kula sends Foxy past projectiles and airborne opponents to net 280 damage. Somewhat slow, but using this super gives Kula a great alternative to the extended corner combo, sacrificing a few points of damage for both a lower execution requirement and less opponent meter gain.


Neo Freeze Execution: HCBx2 + B + D

  • Kula again sends Foxy fullscreen to punish fireballs and jumps, but this time, it is extremely fast. Nets great damage, but players need to be aware of the situation and their meter before using this move outside of HD Mode.



  • Cr.B x2~3, st.B, df+B
  • St.C xx qcb.B~f+D, dp.C
  • St.C xx qcf.A, qcb.B~f+B, dp.C (Corner)

1 Bar

  • Cr.B x2~3, st.B xx qcb.BD, dp.C
  • St.C xx qcb.B~f+D, dp.AC
  • Cr.B x2~3, st.B xx qcb.BD, qcb.B~f+B, dp.C (corner)

1 Bar 1 Drive

  • Cr.B x2~3, st.B xx dp.C (SC) qcfx2.A
  • St.C xx qcb.B~f+D, dp.C (DC) qcb.BD~f+D, qcb.D, qcb.B~f+B, dp.C

2 Bar 1 Drive

  • St.C xx qcb.B~f+D, dp.C (SC) hcbx2.A
  • St.C, f+A xx qcf.AC, qcf.C, qcb.D, qcb.B~f+B, dp.C (DC) qcb.BD~f+D, qcb.D, qcb.B~f+B, qcb.A (Corner)

2 Bar 2 Drive

  • St.C, f.A, (HD), St.C xx qcb.B~f+D, dp.C (HDC) qcb.D, qcb.B, dp.C (HDC) qcb.D ... dp.C (HDC) hcbx2.BD

Console Changes

  • Standing B moves more forward, so it has more reach than the arcade version
  • EX Rayspin(qcb+K) > Sit(f.D) has faster recovery
  • Freeze Execution (hcbx2+P) has better followup hitbox and comes out faster
  • Slider Shoot (df.B) has faster recovery
  • Invincibility has been taken out from EX Rayspin(qcb+BD)
  • EX Diamond Edge(qcfx2+AC) comes out faster
  • EX Counter Shell(qcb+AC) has larger hitbox

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