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King’s perceived tier strength varies by each person you ask, but the general consensus is that she’s a solid character overall. However, without meter she can struggle with anti-airing close vertical approaches, which forces her to risk using air-to-airs or relying on perfect spacing to avoid bad situations. However, her ranged game can easily annoy opponents due to her metered anti-airs, projectile traps, and frustrating buppa specials. Perhaps her largest weakness though is her small damage output; her multi-hitting specials quickly whittle her down to minimal damage scaling, so she realistically peaks at doing about 70% damage with HD in the corner.


Standing A

King’s standing jab is pretty basic, though I’m noting this here because certain jump-in setups that will always beat her cr.C and other grounded normals can actually be cleanly anti-aired by a well-timed and decently-spaced st.A. Being anti-aired by this attack shuts down your offensive momentum, but it doesn’t directly lead into much damage or any crazy setups so it’s not too bad as opposed to being hit by Surprise Rose and losing 20% life.

King’s standing jab is pretty basic, though I’m noting this here because certain jump-in setups that will always beat her cr.C and other grounded normals can actually be cleanly anti-aired by a well-timed and decently-spaced st.A. Being anti-aired by this attack shuts down your offensive momentum, but it doesn’t directly lead into much damage or any crazy setups so it’s not too bad as opposed to being hit by Surprise Rose and losing 20% life.

Standing B

Great footsie poke much like O.Sagat's infamously good st.LK. Just as Sagat can quickly check the opponent into blocking low, King can easily frametrap her Standing B into itself or cancel it safely into a Venom Strike or into her Slide Kick which could convert into a combo. While it's not possible for a player to hitconfirm this move on its own, by feeling out when it might hit and then sliding off of it, King can buff up her footsie damage.

When defending against this move, the safest option is to block until King either pushes herself away from from blockstring too long, or block and see how she responds next, such as waiting for a forward hop to anti-air. Attempting to stick out a counterpoke after blocking her Standing B is rather risky since she maintains a huge spacial advantage after checking with the kick, and she could quite easily frametrap into a Standing C or another Standing B. Remember that her high/low mixup speed is plain and easy to block and react to, and don't be baited into acting too quickly and falling into common traps.

Standing C

King’s far C thrust punch comes out in 3 frames, which makes it a good hop check and great counterpoke in frametraps, such as after ending a blockstring with qcf+B. It can also punish a fair amount of moves on block, so just be aware of using unsafe specials against her.

Despite the nice speed and range, every character except Raiden, Maxima, and Daimon can crouch under this move; whenever King commits, she’s taking the risk that the opponent could crouch and whiff punish her with a sweep or cr.B. In terms of poking, her Standing D has a bigger hitbox that wont whiff on crouchers though the startup isn’t as amazing which counterbalances the two attacks. By feeling out situations where a King player may want to quickly stick out her fastest poke, an opposing player can bait King’s st.C and go for a crouching whiff punish.

Crouching C

King’s Mexican Uppercut is usually her strongest anti-air option for dealing with jumps and hops alike, but in KOF XIII the hitbox doesn’t stand up to snuff most of the time, especially when compared to its usual effectiveness in other games. When fighting against a King player, hopping or jumping into her vertical space with an early jump-in will usually lead to any cr.C anti-air attempt to get stuffed. Because King’s cr.C is her most vertical anti-air, spacing and timing to beat her cr.C can easily frustrate a King player, especially if she’s lacking meter for an EX Trap Shot or Surprise Rose. Any sort of deep, ambiguous cross-up spacing will usually cause King to whiff her cr.C anti-air attempt due to the jumping player being behind its active hitbox.

With this option neutralized, King has only a few other meterless anti-air options against deep jump-ins.

Jumping CD

A wheeling kick that has two different hitboxes; an initial high one, and the secondary lower one. Because of the large hitbox range, King’s j.CD is an excellent air-to-air and air-to-ground tool. While slower than her j.B in air-to-air situations, King can forward or neutral hop into this move to potentially hit the opponent out of the air or tag them on the ground. However, King needs to time this move really early in order for it to have complete air superiority, and activating it early means that it’ll run out of active frames as she lands, so by setting King up or reacting to a ‘desperate’ air-to-air plea j.CD, a defending player only needs to crouch and punish King’s landing recovery with a cr.B for a nice punish. When she begins to time her j.CD late, she becomes more susceptible to fast air-to-airs like Ash’s j.B and certain crouching uppercuts or sweeps can win from perfect spacings, and as usual any invincible ‘DP’ anti-air will cleanly win. When in doubt, simply (crouch) block the attack and take King’s oncoming blockstring: her frametraps are alright, but she doesn’t have any sort of fast high/low options or mixups that force you to guess between a 50/50 such as a command grab. If she gets in on you, she’ll be able to press her advantage and continue with a blockstring set up a frametrap or some sort of footsie setup, though her offense is much more manageable to cope with than say Mr. Karate’s.

Do be careful and treat this attack with some respect, as King can easily tag on a hcb+D or qcf qcf+K from just about any j.CD counterhit from most ranges.


Sliding: df + D

King’s slide slightly shrinks her vulnerable hitbox as compared to her usual crouching hitbox, meaning she can slide under a very few select projectiles or slide as a low anti-air against horizontal jumping attacks and then punish by canceling into a special (hcb+B) or even into an HD activation. However, her hitbox doesn’t shrink too dramatically, which means that any well-timed vertical jump-in can hit King out of her slide and possibly net a combo. Her slide isn’t as good for anti-airing as it was in older KOF games, though the damage she can get off a successful slide has been improved.

In terms of footsies, her slide makes up for her really poor sweep. By spacing the slide to hit near the tip, King’s left quite safe on block because of the far spacing and even when up close she can cancel the slide into a Venom Strike for a blockstring. In fact, her common blockstrings of cl.D > df.D and cr.B > cr.B > st.B > df.D space her out far enough that she appears to be completely safe. However, many characters can counter King's slide with a fast EX move or even certain normal attacks such as certain Close Heavy Punches, so to keep herself safe a King player will want to cancel her slide: The common practice of canceling her slide into a projectile is best countered with a slightly delayed Guard Cancel Roll forward, which nets an easy punish on a successful read. After landing a few Guard Roll punishes, a King player should either cut blockstrings shorter, or end them with her slide. If she ends with an uncanceled slide, she’ll be sometimes punishable or at the least she’s still slightly negative and left standing somewhat close to her opponent so it’s not exactly a good situation to be in, meaning the defender gains the next initiative.


Venom Strike: QCF + K

King’s projectile travels fullscreen, though the fireball’s hitbox is fairly low off the ground meaning it can be hopped over quite easily so there isn’t much need to commit to full jumps when dealing with King’s zoning game, though as mentioned before she can struggle anti-airing jumps when lacking meter.

Her weak Venom Strike is her real scary tool since it recovers at a great rate. The D version’s faster and has its use in zoning purposes as a quick checking attack, but she’s stuck with heftier recovery that leaves her susceptible to aerial approaches or even rolls. Once a King player understands that fullscreen zoning can be counter-intuitive, she can begin to use a light Venom Strike and then trail behind it to get in, and this is where her spacial control game shines.

Both versions can be forward or neutral hopped to force a whiff, and while the projectile remains on the screen King can’t use any other fireball attacks which can mess up the opponent’s timing when zoning and cause a normal attack to come out instead of a special. Rolling on reaction is a nice option, though from far to fullscreen King should be able to use qcf+B, recover, and punish rolls on reaction. Because of this, rolling’s only a safe bet when up close to King or whenever reading an opponent’s zoning pattern and sniffing out a D or EX projectile. In terms of safety though, hopping is better and blocking is best.

Holding a fireball war with King is entirely feasible, though she does have a fast EX Venom Strike and Double Strike DM that can punish projectiles from any range. As a defensive reflex or panic response, some King players tend to toss out her EX Venom Strike preventively against oncoming attacks. When engaging in a projectile fight with a King player, try to feel out or bait and see their tendencies; a heavy zoner might panic with EX meter which means you should chuck plasma conservatively until they spill their payload, and then make your next move when she’s down on meter.

Projectile reflectors such as Athena’s and deflectors such as Shen’s qcb+C are great options against all of King’s projectiles, since they can stop EX and DM strength fireballs so the threat of an random EX Venom Strike isn’t as bad. The other important feature to these counters is that they can be used to escape from King’s light Venom Strike followup traps, where other characters might get stuck blocking the fireball and taking the following blockstring.

A final option is to resort to a metered projectile or invulnerable DM to punish a Venom Strike on reaction. Just as it’s important sometimes to try baiting King’s metered fireballs, a King player should very well be aware of their opponent’s higher priority projectiles, ergo avoid getting baiting and wasting meter: reaction is the key here. Usually, hittingwith one of these attacks causes a knockdown which allows you to move forward and close the gap on the other player.

While blocking is the safest option against projectiles, it also actually results in the defending player building more meter than the zoning player. You heard me right: blocking and taking the small amount of chip damage means you’re building meter at a fast rate. So whenever in doubt against King’s zoning game, you can block to avoid walking into an quick (EX) projectile and stack some meter. Just by walking and blocking on reaction or even in anticipation, you can slowly gain ground and push King towards the corner safely while building meter, even without committing to a hop. Blocking can really counter King’s basic zoning game, though she has a hard counter to this strategy that I stated above: her B Venom Strike. With a little bit of distance, she can send out her light fireball and then trail it to get in and go more on the offensive. An overly cautious player may end up letting King get in, and this is why hopping her projectile or nullifying it is important so that you don’t give her an advantageous edge.

From up close, King can blockstring into Venom Strike and be at -4 (B) or -9 (D) at worst from point blank, though realistically by spacing she’s even safer and nearly impossible to punish. Despite the D version being in the punishable spectrum, there’s no obvious indication to tell either version apart and there’s not much reason to not use the much safer B version in blockstrings. Her best projectile traps are from her st.CD since it inflicts heavy blockstun while causing nice pushback that lets the following projectile hit a little later, meaning her advantage afterward is even better. However, you can still assume that she’s slightly negative after any projectile blockstring so she doesn’t have any guaranteed or overtly strong followups. Her fastest options of st.A or st.C whiff against crouchers, and both only work in as a preventive measure rather than being a direct offensive action. As is the case with many specials including K’s Ein Trigger, the attacking player can commit into using a projectile or generally safe special move, though if blocked an advantage will be given to a defensive player.

The final point here is that any blockstring into a Venom Strike can be punished with a Guard Roll. Her most basic tool here is anything > df.D > qcf+K, and by keeping an eye out for her slide and Guard Rolling you can easily work on incorporating them into your defense. Unlike other normals such as her st.CD or even st.B, King’s slide is always going to be slightly negative on block and her forward momentum leaves her somewhat close to the opponent. While she can easily space the slide to be safe, being up close and personal (while in a bad situation) against a close-ranged fighter isn’t in a King player’s interests, so her easiest way out of this is to cancel her slide into a fireball to push the opponent back more. Once a King player becomes aware of the threat of a Guard Roll, her best options are to do an uncanceled slide and take the poor situation, or to avoid blockstringing into her Slide Kick and always try to hitconfirm before going into it.

EX Venom Strike: QCF + BD

A respectable tool in projectile wars and unlike with Double Strike there isn’t an obvious super freeze on startup so it’s difficult to react to the sheer speed of this move. Combined with its overall safety on block (+6 at worst from close range), EX Venom Strike is a safe special move to toss out on a whim.

It’s not quite feasible to recognize which of King’s three different projectiles was used and then react with a well-timed hop or reflector or roll, though invuln DMs and EX moves can safely be used on reaction to any fireball, regardless to travel speed. So realistically, the safest option is to be buffering an DM/EX move or to block. Still, this attack can be rolled safely from any range.

Blocking is a perfect counter to this attack: if she uses it in a blockstring, she’ll be at an advantage but have wasted a power stock, if it’s blocked as a standalone move little harm is done, and at any rate the King player lost meter while you gained a sizable portion. Just watch out as the move hits twice and deals improved guard damage, so it could be set up to cause a guard break.

As with all projectiles, a smart read with a Guard Roll leads to a hefty whiff punish.

Air Venom Strike: j.QCF + K

King has an air fireball, oh boy! While this move can be used against an impatient player as an anti-air, it has a few enormous flaws. The time King spends getting into the air adds to the startup time, making the special slower than its grounded version so it’s already a bigger risk in footsie range. The recovery period is much longer as well, since King has to fall to the ground and touch down. Finally, the added aerial height allows everyone (except Daimon, Maxima, and Raiden) to crouch underneath even her ‘Tiger Knee’ height air projectiles. If a King player tries zoning with TK Air Venom Strikes, the defending player need only to crouch underneath it and then walk forward while the projectile stays on screen (also rendering her unable to quickly throw out another projectile). If King jumps high into the air and uses this move such as when (hopefully) setting up for an air-to-air fireball, it’s quite possible to just run forward and pass safely underneath her projectile and then hit her out of the landing recovery. Trying to read a poorly-placed Air Venom Strike by running forward can be countered with a grounded or TK Venom Strike or even an offensive Tornado Kick, so a King player will naturally stick out zoning attacks that naturally hit running opponents, though the payoff from punishing a bad Air Venom Strike is large. When in doubt, the safest option is to approach cautiously and to work King towards the corner where you pin her down. And although the three big men can’t crouch underneath her Air Strikes, they have the universal option of rolling forward through it which is fairly simple to do on reaction. The added recovery time when touching down makes King unable to punish these rolls, so roll or block to your heart’s content.

Her D version sends her backwards in recoil, which makes her safer against punishes of all sorts though it also quickly pushes her towards the corner where she can crack under pressure. The B verion causes her to drop straight downward, which makes her much easier to tag with an invuln move or normal attack. If unable to punish her during the D version’s pushback, try to continue playing her into the corner while keeping an eye out for any odd escape methods to punish such as super jumping over you.

As with all projectiles, the resulting frame advantage varies wildly depending on spacing, though from up close a TK Venom Strike is -9 on block. The actual frame advantage isn’t important here as after blocking both players are usually at a neutral situation, but none of her Air Venom Strikes recover fast enough to allow her to trail behind it as with her grounded B ‘Strike, so blocking her air projectile doesn’t let her get in on you.

EX Air Venom Strike: j.QCF + BD

If her grounded EX Venom Strike wasn’t frustrating enough, her air version can be used to attack from odd instances such as from a seemingly bad backwards jump. It behaves similarly to the heavy aerial projectile, though the recoil is greater though King recovers faster. The combined pushback and fast recovery make a TK EX Venom Strike King’s safest burst attack, hands down.

A nuisance to contest with, her flying EX blueberry can be countered. First and foremost, she pushes herself a great deal backwards which leads her to the corner whenever she doesn’t hit you. In terms of avoidance, blocking is the most surefire countermeasure and it builds meter, though the attack can be safely rolled as all of her airborne projectiles are. Tagging her with an invuln move or DM is difficult due to the spacial implications, though a quick projectile DM could get the job done. Honestly, King can toss this move out seemingly randomly in many instances, so holding downback is one of the best ways to go when a King player has meter to expell. If she depletes her reserves, she’ll have less opportunities to land her better reversals and anti-airs or if she’s KO’d the opponent’s next character will suffer from the meter drought as well as the meter her zoning game can give to her opponent.

Trap Shot: DP + K

Trap Shot is only good in combos: it’s slow, it’s not invincible in any way, and the initial hitbox usually trades at best which deals zero damage to the opponent. The move’s highly negative on block (-23) and easy to punish on whiff, meaning there’s no real utility or good reason for a King player to use this move outside combos other than whiffing it fullscreen to build meter or to bait something.

EX Trap Shot: DP + BD

A 4 frame reversal attack, meaning that it’s fast though it can be safe jumped. Unlike the usual version, it’s startup invuln which makes it a strong anti-air and reversal option. In some instances this move can trade against meaty jump-ins, and if this happens the trade is never in King’s favor. Thankfully, this is King’s least-damaging reversal and even if she Drive Cancels the attack the followups are heavily scaled.

On block, King’s -30 which leaves enough time to run forward and tag her with a close heavy attack for a universal punish. She’ll flip backwards a bit whenever the attack is blocked or whiffed, though she’s always punishable on block. If you’re having trouble, consciously remind yourself to look out for the move on oki or when baiting it in order to react and punish more consistently.

Tornado Kick '95: HCB + K

A King player might toss out this move and its active hitbox wrecks the low hop space, but either version Tornado Kick is slow and can be punished on block so King can’t use this move reliably as an anti-air.

Punishing the B version on block can be challenging, but the second hit can be crouched underneath of and all you need to do is work on getting the proper cr.B timing to cleanly punish her whiffed recovery for a full combo. The D version hits crouchers, though it’s -9 on block meaning you can just about always block and punish with a close heavy attack of choice. King can sort of space this move out to make it safer on block, though even from tip spacing she’ll recover close enough to be hit by fast light attacks, so every character should have a punish in all situations, especially those with cancelable cr.B attacks such as Vice.

In an instance King whiffs this special, she could be hit during the attack’s recovery or even during the active frames if you smartly space a counterattack or a projectile.

EX Tornado Kick '95: HCB + BD

A 9 frame reversal and anti-air option that moves forward a far distance. So while this is slower than her EX Trap Shot and Surprise Rose, it’s main use is the horizontal reach. King can easily trail a light Venom Strike and anti-air a hop on reaction with this move from nearly halfscreen. However, it’s a slow reversal attack and very unsafe on block.

King’s at -15 on block and the forward momentum always puts her right in front of the opponent, so all you ever need to do to punish this attack is press C or D for an easy close attack > anything combo.

King runs out of invuln halfway through the attack, so she can be hit out of the move by really meaty or delayed projectiles or even pokes, though blocking remains the most efficient solution.


Surprise Rose: QCFx2 + P

This DM comes out in 3 frames so it can be safejumped, though the timing is tight. Of all of King’s reversals that cost one meter, this is her most damaging and it launches the opponent fullscreen. The startup trajectory moves upward and forwards, making it a great answer for most anti-air purposes and it can even beat cross ups, or at the least be buffered backwards as a manual correct against cross ups. Treat this as a reversal

King can hit you while traveling downwards, so wait for her to touch down on the ground before trying to hit her with a normal. Realistically though, you’ll either be hit or end up blocking her DM.

King hits once while traveling upwards, and then again when moving down. After she lands, she’s -25 and standing right in front of you so go for your heaviest punish.

EX Surprise Rose: QCFx2 + AC

Aside from being a 2 frame DM which might be the longest and most drawn-out super in the game, this functions just about identically to the standard DM. King travels directly upwards at the startup, but the followup on the downward dive connects in just about every instance. This is a hefty reversal to commit to, and the added damage isn’t too much greater than the usual DM outside of combos so a King player will probably use her 1 meter reversals/anti-airs in most cases to conserve meter.

Double Strike: QCFx2 + K

King sends out two projectiles with DM durability which will travel fullscreen and combo. The super flash is a dead giveaway which gives you ample time to go into a counter, though a King player usually will only use this move raw in fireball wars.

There’s two different speeds this DM comes in, though at a distance you can safely superjump at King for a punish, or even run forward slightly and then roll through both hits. When closer, you can Guard Roll the first projectile forward and then hit King with a close normal and go wild. Countering with an invuln move isn’t viable since the game doesn’t detect any inputs during the freeze time.

King’s at -12 at worst, so if you don’t have a quick burst special which can punish her, consider Guard Rolling the first hit for a full combo.


Venom Shot: QCBx2 + B + D (Also possible in air)

King’s NEOMAX is trash since all of the hits just about never connect in any instance. It comes out in 1 frame and works in the air, so you can’t block after the super flash from point blank or even safejump it, but aside from expensive air-to-airs/gimmicks this move is a waste of meter. And while the startup is 1 frame, this only applies to when up close as it takes times for the champagne splash to travel across the screen.

King’s technically -39 on block from up close, though by spacing she could be safer on block depending on spacing.

Short List


  • On block from up close, B: -4, D: -9, EX:+6.
  • B version recovers fast and can be followed up from mid-fullscreen.
  • Avoidable by hopping.
  • Builds meter on block for the defender.
  • Safe to roll through, except for the B version.
  • Fully punishable by Guard Rolling on a 2-in-1.


  • B: King falls down, D: King recoils backwards, EX: King greatly recoils backwards.
  • Up to -9 on block, though this greatly varies by spacing.
  • Slow startup due to initial jump, big landing recovery on whiff that can be punished by burst specials or meaties.
  • TK projectiles can be crouched underneath.
  • Safe to roll through.
  • When used too high, players can run underneath her fireball and punish her landing.


  • On block, -23, EX: -30.
  • EX: 4 frame startup, invuln.
  • Punishable by running forward into close heavy normal.
  • Poor recovery on whiff.
  • Fully punishable by Guard Rolling a 2-in-1.


  • B: second hit whiffs crouchers and leaves her vulnerable to lows.
  • D: -9 on block, punishable by light attacks from max spacing, close attacks when blocked deep.
  • EX: 9 frame startup, invuln. Good invuln burst special.
  • EX: -15 on block; press C or D to punish with close attack.


  • 3 frame (EX: 2 frame) reversal and anti-air, good anti-crossup.
  • Heavily unsafe on block; easy to punish with anything.
  • Sends opponent fullscreen on hit.
  • Hits when traveling downward, which can occasionally cause DM to drop ranbu followup.


  • -12 on block from up close.
  • Punishable by Guard Rolling the first projectile.
  • Avoidable by rolling or jumping from mid-fullscreen.
  • Nullifies DM projectiles, destroys normal and EX projectiles.


  • Projectile hitbox, NEOMAX durability.
  • Works in the air as an expensive gimmick.
  • 1 frame startup when up close; can’t be blocked or safejumped after super flash.
  • Rarely connects for full damage.
  • -39 on block from up close, though due to spacing or jump height she may be safer or more vulnerable.


Between air Venom Strikes, grounded D and EX Venom Strikes, and Tornado Kicks, King can really control portions of the screen with fast horizontal attacks that can stop forward movement, especially forward runs. Incidentally, most of these attacks are really unsafe or put her into a bad position and so you can play patient and block her into the corner while building meter from blocking on reaction and punishing any dumb mistakes. She can switch out of zoning/risky shenanigans mode and move forward, or use a B grounded Venom Strike and then trail it and look for a jump to anti-air, a roll to punish, or see if the opponent blocks and then start her offensive game with frametraps and (passive) spacial control. However, her blockstring and direct high/low options are incredibly linear, and her command slide puts her into a potentially risky situation, so her main tools are trying the opponent’s basics, patience, footsies, and spacing rather than mixing up as directly as Takuma.

SNKPlaymore published a video that covers the basics of dealing with King's zoning game when playing as Daimon, a character with limited mobility and a fat hitbox who struggles against keepaway:

Translation via The Professor at MadMansCafe.

King's D Tornato Kick can be punished with a standing D even if it hits at the tip. Easy meterless 200 damage combo from there with throw. You can also do his QCB +B dodge roll on reaction and punish from there with a throw.

If you're eating a Tornado Kick after a slide, that means you're getting hit by the slide to begin with. Chances are they're punishing you on jump attacks that don't hit low, or when you're whiffing attacks with a high hitbox. Jump instead with D. In poking range, do vertical jumps and see how they react. It's a low-risk manuver even if they're not sliding, and if they're sliding, you can fully punish them and pretty much win the round.

Against Projectiles in general, you need to make actions on a read. Your opponent will basically make 3 kinds of actions when they're in a safe distance. Your objective, very obviously, is to get through the projectiles and get close to your opponent.

1. Shoot a weak projectile and watch for the opponent to react---

The projectile character will try and punish you as you go through their projectile.

Solution: Try and close your distance within limits where their anti-air or punishing move can't hit you. Also, it's hard for them to react if you dodge their projectile at the last moment, so you can try doing that and see if they whiff their punishment.

2. Shoot a weak projectile and close into the opponent---

For the projectile character, this is an effective solution against #1, and it can also be their source of starting an offense.

Solution: Block or vertical jump depending on the situation. They'll be closing their distance to you, so it's a good thing for you.

3. Shoot a fierce projectile and hit the opponent trying to close in/make an action---

For the projectile character, this is a method to hit the opponent on their jump's startup for example. If you get hit in the air, you'll get knocked down and find yourself at a disadvantage.

Solution: Try and not get hit in the air. If you see a fierce projectile, roll early and close your distance to them. It's especially not a problem for Goro since he can EX QCB+K and punish with a throw. He can also punish by doing his ground stomp at the right timing.

As for Air Venom Strikes, if they're doing it from a safe distance, it's the same as a normal venom strike so you can use the same method as against ground venoms and close into the opponent. If they're doing it from a back jump, you can run and punish them with a combo if the situation allows. You can also punish air venoms with his ground stomp.

Combos, frame data, and more analysis is also available on King's SRK Wiki Page, which was recently updated.

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