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Kim Kaphwan



  • Hop A can be an effective pressure tool.
  • Good Air to Air attack
  • Can be used as a cross up attack.
  • Can cancel j.A into Hishou Kyaku (QCF+K)


  • Crouching B is your standard low hitting combo starter. 


  • A great quick move to start your bread and butter combos.


  • Hop D can be an effective pressure tool. 
  • Far standing D is a great pressure tool.
  • If Far standing D hits, you can Link c.B and s.C
  • Good Air to Air attack
  • Can be used as a cross up attack.


  • Good poke when playing footies.


Neri Chagi: F + B

  • A great overhead attack.
  • This is a great starter for your HD combos.

Tora Yopu Chagi: F, F + A

  • A great tool for punishing select whiffed attacks.
  • You can keep the pressure on a blocking opponent and keep them guessing.
  • You can follow up with a Kuuchuu Hangetsuzan (QCB+K) or a Kuuchuu Hou'ou Kyaku (QCBHCF+k).


Hishou Kyaku: QCF + K (In air) (EX)

  • A great way move against characters with projectiles.
  • If EX Hishou Kyaku you can link c.B or s.C to continue the combo

Hangestuzan: QCB + K (EX)

  • This will be your go to move for a combo starter
  • If EX Hangestuzan connects you can follow up with a NeoMax

Kuuchuu Hangetsuzan: QCB + K (In air) (EX)

  • You will find yourself using EX Kuuchuu Hangetsuzan to continue combos

Hien Zan: HDU + K (EX)

  • A great anti air move.
  • This move alone will keep people from jumping in on kim.
  • Use the B version on crouching opponents when using in a combo.


Hou'ou Kyaku: QCBHCF + K (EX)

  • Max Cancel when in HD Mode.

Kuuchuu Hou'ou Kyaku: QCBHCF + K (In Air) (EX)

  • Same thing as Hou'ou Kyaku but in the air.

Hou'ou Hiten Kyaku: QCF x2 + K

  • You can super cancel Hangestuzan into Hou'ou Hiten Kyaku.
  • Puts the opponent into a juggle state when landed.
  • Not the best option as a anti air


Rei Shiki Hou'ou Kyaku: QCBHCF + A + C (Technically the input is QCB,DB,F)

  • Nothing but pure beat down!

Console Changes

  • Ex Hishoukyaku has faster recovery. He can follow up with a normal move
  • Yopuchagi(f,f.A)'s hitbox has been enlarged and it hits crouching opponents in hitstun state
  • Weak air Hangetsuzan(qcb+B in air) hits crouching opponents in hitstun state. However, the move's hitbox is shorter in its upper side when compared to the arcade version
  • EX air Hououkyaku(qcb,hcf+BD) has been added to game. Only has a few frames of invincibility after hit detection comes out
  • Hangetsuzan(qcb+K) has slower recovery
  • Houou Hitenkyaku(qcfx2+K) has acts a bit differently than before. Both weak and fierce have slower recovery on a whiff
    • Weak ver: Has invincibility, thrusts opponent forward
    • Fierce ver: No invincibility, thrusts opponent vertically
  • Weak Hienzan(d.u+K) has less invincibility. Also, it only gives Kim invincivility on the upper half of his body


0% Drive/0bars

  • c.B -> c.B -> (Charge) D~U + B [171dmg]

Pro tips

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