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Iori Yagami




  • St.A gives Iori a decent, but somewhat unreliable anti-hop tool.  Most Iori players will tell you that his anti-hop game is a little lacking, so use this normal wisely.
  • Cr.A is a good poking tool, and very useful in hit confirms.  Gives slightly more frame advantage than cr.B, so players can use this normal in run stop pressure, ala CVS2 Ryu run jab pressure.




  • St.B is one of Iori's fastest far reaching pokes that will beat out a huge amount of the opponents options.  Due to it being fairly neutral on block, poking this move out is a great way to control space directly in front of Iori.
  • Cl.B hits low, and is great for unexpected hit confirms.  Can follow up into command normal f+A, so if the player can hit confirm with only 2 hits, using cl.B is great.  Can also combo into qcf.P command grab from this, so look to use this as a mixup tool as well.
  • Cr.B lowers Iori's hitbox an incredible amount, making cr.B a great tool for anti-airs.  An amazing neutralizer to most of the high priority air to airs in the game, such as Shen j.CD or Kula j.B.
  • J.B is Iori's fastest hitting air normal, and deceivingly covers a huge amount of air space.  If timed correctly, this air to air will most likely lose to no other air normal in the game.   It is, however, susceptible to anti air cr.B's, so players must be careful when using this move.




  • Cl.C is a 3 frame fierce hitting normal that has a multitude of uses.  As Iori reaches straight up above him, this move works great as a punish for badly placed hops, and full jumps.  Look to punish opponents who have sloppy hop pressure and spacing with this move.  Can also be used in conjunction with run ups and run unders to punish jump happy opponents.
  • Cr.C is a decent anti air that covers a little more horizontal space than cl.C, and puts Iori at a lower state.  This move, however, does not have as good a hitbox as cl.C, so players should not rely on this normal as a go-to anti air.
  • J.C hits very hard, leaving the opponent in a huge amount of blockstun.  On top of that, this normal will not be susceptible to anti-air crouching attacks, so this should be your go to air normal if you know for sure that the opponent will try to punish you crouching.  Also has a crossup hitbox, for those interested in doing full jump mixups.




  • Far.D is very much like far.B in the respect that it covers the space directly in front of Iori.  Great as a poking tool, and will anti-hop in some situations, so use this normal to keep the opponent in check.  Has slower startup than far.B, so be careful when using this when the opponent is a closer, as you will most likely get counter hit.
  • J.D is a very fast jumping normal that arcs over Iori, then slices downward for a few frames.  Amazing air to air tool that will most likely not be beaten (air to air) unless the opponent either anti air crouching attacks you, or puts out a normal earlier than you.  However, when timed correctly, this normal can even hit crouching opponents.  Also great as a hyper hop back normal, since it neutralizes most pressure like hop-ins and Yuri crossup divekick shenanigans.
  • Cr.D gives Iori an anti-air tool in his very weak arsenal of anti-hop tools.  Although it does have a good hitbox that will both anti air and reach far on the ground, this move is VERY punishable on block.  Opponents can run up and punish with a full combo, so be careful when using this move.



Yumebiki: f + A, A


  • A very useful command normal that will allow Iori to net extra damage and combo off of most of his normals besides the far (far.D, far.B, etc.) normals.  Unlike EX Iori, Claw is able to combo after the second command normal followup, for those who need an extra hit to hit-confirm.


Ge Shiki Yuri Ori: b + B (In air)


  • The "Taco."   Though this move is a little less ambiguous now that console has made it impossible to hyperhop over standing opponents, the Taco gives Iori very tricky opportunities to crossup unsuspecting opponents.  Hyper hop Taco works on crouching opponents only, while full jump and super jump Taco work on standing.  Also, combined with the airborne states of Iori's backdash, this move can be combined with backdash to create space between you and the opponent very quickly.


Ge Shiki Kui: df + C


  • A slow overhead that hits very hard for good damage.  Very good as an HD starter, and very useful to get the maximum amount of damage within HD combos.  Not special cancellable, but EX, HD, and super cancellable, so please be creative with this move.




Nue Uchi: DP + P (EX)


  • A dragon punch that hits at a 45 degree angle, but offers no invulnerability.  Not a traditional dragon punch, for it will lose in most situations unless you use it very preemptively.  Dp.A, however, is fast, so it might interrupt some strings with a trade.  Mostly used in combos.
  • EX version, however, is a good reversal that has invulnerability and deals decent damage.  Good for angles where Maiden Masher would whiff, but still, Iori players should not rely on this move too much.


Shogetsu: QCB + P (EX)


  • This special is completely safe on block, leads to a Drive-less super combo on hit midscreen, and leads to even more damage in the corner if the player decides to use Drive.  There is literally no disadvantage to doing this move, unless the opponent decides to spend the meter to GCAB you on block.  Abuse this move.
  • EX version is a good way to combo in the corner.  Can combo two qcb.A's in the corner, and follow up with either Maiden masher, cl.C (qcb.B for reset), or dp.A DC for an extended combo.


Akegarasu: QCB + K (EX)


  • Due to how much SNK buffed qcb.C, this move is a little obsolete.  It is, however, safe on block and can be used for some safe pressure.  It is, however, very useful for the dash animation that it has.  On whiff, the slash does not come out, so using this "dash" in conjunction with cl.C resets can lead to many ambiguous crossups.  Other than that, this move is mostly used for combos.
  • EX version is projectile invulnerable, for what its worth.


Tsuchi Tsubaki: (Grab range) HCF + C (EX)


  • Non-EX version of Iori's command grab is slow, has no invulnerability, but has great range.  On top of that, the amount of things that Iori can do after this grab is amazing.  Players can choose to run dp.C (or qcb.D for an easier input) and then combo with any level Maiden Masher, or they can reset in almost any way they want to.  Some common resets include: J.D reset into crossup/non-crossup cr.B, run cl.C xx qcb.B dash crossup, or even j.D run under "taco" over.  Be creative.
  • It is also important to note that if you do this grab with your back to the corner, you can get a full Drive Cancel combo for 400+ damage if you choose to spend the bar.
  • EX version is a fast command grab that is invulnerable.  With EX, you are given more time to juggle or confirm into Maiden Masher, so more combo opportunities are possible.  Furthermore, you can even confirm into HD after this command grab.  Some players use df.C to hit and then confirm into HD, while some more experienced players choose to hop, air HD activate, then land and dp.A into whatever HD combo is suitable.




Maiden Masher: QCFHCB + P (EX)

  • A great Desperation move that will go through most attacks on startup, but not during the entire active frames.  Also good as an anti-air, but only for opponents in the air directly in front of you, as Iori lunges forward without much vertical reach.  EX version is faster and has more invulnerable frames, but has an even worse vertical hitbox, so use it wisely.  Both versions, however, offer unscaled damage for the last hit, making this very useful for combos.



Yatagarasu: QCFx2 + B + D

  • This Neomax is a great combo ender for HD combos, but should be used in Max Cancels for the kill, as the unscaled damage of EX Maiden Masher can sometimes outweigh the bit of extra damage.  Yatagarasu is also a bit finnicky when trying to get the max amount of hits, so be wary of using this outside of HD mode.




  • Cl.C, f+A xx qcb.C, dp.A
  • Cr.B, cr.A, f+A, qcb.C, dp.A

1 Drive

  • Cl.C, f+A xx qcb.C, dp.A (DC) qcb.D, qcb.A, qcb.A, dp.A or Cl.C xx qcb.B reset (Corner)

1 Bar

  • Cl.C, f+A xx qcb.C, Maiden Masher
  • Cl.C, f+A xx qcb.AC, qcb.A, qcb.A, dp.A or Cl.C reset (Corner)

1 Bar 1 Drive

  • Use the 1 Drive combo from above, and end with Maiden Masher instead of dp.A

HD Combos

  • Cl.C, df.C, HD, cl.C, f+A xx qcb.B (HDC) qcb.C (One hit, HDC) qcb.B (HDC) qcb.C (One hit, HDC), qcb.B (HDC) qcb.C, Maiden Masher (Max Cancel) qcfx2.BD
  • J.C, cl.C, df.C, HD, cl.C, df.C xx dp.A (HDC) qcb.D (HDC) dp.C, qcb.B (HDC) dp.C, qcb.B (HDC) dp.C, qcb.B, Non-EX Maiden Masher (Max Cancel) qcfx2.BD (Into the corner only, 100% Death Combo)

Console Changes

  • Geshiki Kui (df + C) has a larger hitbox than before. Easier to attack opponent from his command throw.
  • Fierce Shogetsu (QCB+P) moves more forward. It combos in most situations after close C> Yumebiki(f + A,A).
  • Yaotome (including EX) can't be saferolled after it hits.
  • EX Shogetsu's invinciblity has been taken out. However, he's still invincible on his legs.
  • Fierce Akegarasu (QCB+K) has shorter recovery when blocked. Can't be punished with normal moves.

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