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Iori Yagami with the Power of Flames



  • St.A does not have the adequate hitbox to anti air hops, so players should be careful when using this normal.
  • Cr.A can be used by chaining after cr.B, so the player can either choose to cancel into command normal f+A, or cancel directly into qcb.A Rekka string for a nice, quick combo.


  • Far st.B is a fast, far reaching poke, useful in run pressure and footsies.
  • Cl.B is an interesting normal; it hits low and is very fast. Can be cancelled into f+A, giving EX Iori a good, fast low-hitting attack/block string.
  • J.B is a godly air to air which will beat out almost everything put in horizontal range of EX Iori. Use this move as sort of an "air poke," as opposed to a jump in.


  • Cl.C is arguably EX Iori's most valuable and useful normal out of his entire moveset. With an almost instant startup of 3 frames, this move will act as a good punish starter, counter hitting move, anti air, pre-emptive anti-jump, and run pressure tool.
  • J.C is your primary hop in normal for grounded opponents. Leaves the opponent in a huge amount of hit/blockstun.
  • Cr.C has a deceptively small hitbox; avoid using it unless you are 100% sure it will work.


  • Far st.D is a roundhouse kick that controls the space directly in front of Iori. Very useful in footsies, so look to whiff punish or catch random normals with this poke. Will also catch hops at certain ranges.
  • J.D is arguably one of the best air to airs in the game. Whatever higher angle that j.B does not cover, j.D will. Abuse if you know the opponent will try to meet you in the air, but be careful as it does whiff on crouchers.
  • Cr.D is a very unique normal that pretty much bypasses the normal functions of sweeps in KOF. Since it lowers his hitbox, cr.D gives Iori the anti air he lacks in st.A. It also reaches very far and quickly for certain punishes, but this move is extremely punishable on block.


Yumebiki: f + A, A

  • Use this command normal after light attacks to combo into qcb.C. Also great for starting HD combos.

Ge Shiki Yuri Ori: b + B (In air)

  • The "Taco." An essential command normal for Iori's mixup game that crosses up both standing and crouching opponents. Use hop Taco for crouching opponents, and use normal/superjump Taco for stand blockers.


100-Shiki·Oniyaki: DP + P

  • A great invincible DP that will anti air and keep your opponents pressure in check. Dp.C leaves the opponent grounded for the first two hits, so certain Drive Cancels like DC hcb~f.A will work well with this move.

212-Shiki·Kototsuki In: HCB + K

  • A running grab that technically counts as a hit, much like Kyo's hcb.D. Gives a hard knockdown, but has limited combo capability outside of cl.C and Drive Cancels.
  • EX qcb.K, surpisingly, can hit the opponent OTG after certain knockdowns, like EX Maiden Masher. Good for finishing off the opponent.

217-Shiki·Aoibana: QCB + P (x3)

  • Iori's go to special for BnB's. Most combos should be ended in this Rekka string to get a hard knockdown, leading to a safe hop and more Oki options.
  • A Version Rekka actually serves as a very good punishing tool, as the startup and range of this special catch many things which would otherwise be spaced safely.

Kuzukaze: (Grab range) HCBF + P

  • A slow command grab that allows the player to follow up with a combo after. This should be not used like a traditional command grab, but rather, only in situations where you are completely sure the opponent is afraid to press buttons. Follow up with either far st.C into Rekka string, or run cl.C f+A if you are confident in your execution.
  • EX version of Kuzukaze is actually invincible, so use this to your advantage. It also gives Iori more time to run cl.C f+A as well.

108-Shiki·Yamibarai: QCF + P

  • A standard fireball that is dangerous on whiff, but fairly neutral on block. Since Iori has a very risky sweep, in order to punish pre-emptive anti-hop normals, use Ex Iori's very fast fireball as a substitute.
  • The EX version of this move puts the opponent in a stun state, giving the player the opportunity to run close up and follow up with a combo. Goes through other fireballs, so this move is useful if you can successfully read the opponent.


Kin 1211-Shiki·Yaotome: QCFHCB + P

  • The "Maiden Masher" super. Unlike Claw Iori's DM, this one does not have invulnerability, so it's use is limited to combos and punishes. EX version has extremely fast startup, however.

Ura 316-Shiki·Saiga: After Yaotome QCFx4 + P

  • A followup to Maiden Masher that can net the player additional damage at the cost of 1 Meter. Especially useful to confirm a kill.

Ura 1207-Shiki·Yamisogi: QCFx2 + P

  • A strange, short range DM that offers Iori some funky combo opportunities. Not particularly useful, but correct spacing of this DM leads to another juggle state.


Ura 1029-Shiki·Homurahotogi: QCBHCF + P

  • Iori leaps at the opponent and grabs them for a decent amount of damage. Keep in mind that this NeoMax is in fact a grab, so players should be wary of this move when randomly thrown out. Other than that, use this as a standard HD combo ender.



  • St.C, f+A xx qcb.C x3
  • Cr.B, st.B, f+A xx qcb.C x3

1 Bar

  • St.C, f+A xx qcf~hcb.A
  • St.C, f+A xx qcb.AC (2 hits), qcb.A x3

1 Bar 1 Drive

  • St.C, f+A xx dp.AC (DC on 3rd DP) hcb~f.A (Run) cl.C, f+A, qcb.C x3
  • St.C, f+A xx qcb.AC (2 hits), dp.C (DC after 2 hits) qcb.C x3 (Corner)

2 Bar 1 Drive

  • St.C, f+A xx qcb.AC (2 hits), dp.C (DC after 2 hits), qcf.AC, qcb.C x3 (Corner)

2 Bar 2 Drive

  • St.C, f+A (HD) st.C xx dp.C (HDC after 2 hits) hcb~f.C, st.D xx qcb.C (HDC) dp.C (HDC after 2 hits) hcb~f.C ... st.D xx qcb~hcf.AC

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