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Elisabeth Branctorche



  • St.A is a standard anti-hop tool with a very good hitbox.
  • Cr.A is special cancellable, and can be chained after cr.B, making it essential for combos off lows.
  • J.A should be used primarily for uppercut juggle resets.


  • St.B has a very, very short hitbox, making it a rarely used normal.
  • Cr.B surprisingly has a decent hitbox despite looking very short. Chains into cr.A for combos.
  • Elisabeth can use j.B as a great crossup tool. Works especially well if opponents are crouching.


  • Cl.C, despite having an animation that reaches upwards, is hard to use an a vertical anti air. Instead, use Cl.C for frame traps,meaties,and standard combos/blockstrings. Can be cancelled into command normal f+B.
  • Cr.C acts as a stubby anti-air that could be used to anti air certain angles that st.A or qcf.A do not cover.


  • With cl.D, Elisabeth hits above her head with an acrobatic side kick. A great anti air against those who full jump directly above you, and can be used as a pre-emptive anti jump tool in run pressure.
  • St.D is a great, far reaching move that can hit over lows if spaced correctly. Amazing footsie tool.
  • J.D Elisabeth's primary jump in, as it has an amazing diagonal and horizontal hitbox for both air to airs and jump ins. Creates a lot of block stun, so look to use this as a block string starter as well.


Un Coup de Pied: f + B

  • Standard command normal to cancel into off of a cl.C. Special cancellable, so get creative with her safe specials.


Etincelles: QCF + P (EX)

  • The A version of Etincelles is almost like a substitute to the st.A anti air. Very useful move for meter building, blockstrings, and anti airs. Be wary as this move has no invulnerability, so spamming it or using it on reaction to a hop could be dangerous.
  • C version does a ton of damage in the corner, and it juggles as well. Startup is slow, however, so you cannot combo this off of any grounded normals.
  • EX Etincelles gives Elisabeth a valid move to Drive Cancel into, if the player chooses to spend the meter. Use after either dp.A or dp.C to extend your combos.

Reverie Souhaiter: QCF + K

  • A command dash that can be cancelled at any time into another special. Many players use this command dash after her command normal f+B for some shenanigans.

Reverie Prier: QCB + K

  • Same as Reverie Souhaiter, but moves Elisabeth backwards. Retains the special cancel property.
  • It is important to note that these two moves mentioned above have EX versions with very special properties. Firstly, both EX command dashes are completely invulnerable. Secondly, they both can be cancelled into another EX special without costing the player another meter. Please explore the uses of this move, as it is extremely strong, especially considering the combo potential of the other EX specials that Elisabeth has at her disposal.

Reverie Geler: QCB + P (EX)

  • A counter that will put Elisabeth behind the opponent.
  • EX version, upon counter success, leaves the opponent in a stun state for a short amount of time. The recovery of the successful counter can be cancelled into another special, so follow it up with dp.C for a nice combo.

Mistral: (Grab range) HCBF + P (EX)

  • Standard command grab, but unlike most grabs in KOF XIII, this one is a bit on the slow side. Does a good 150 damage, and is a good addition to Elisabeth's offensive arsenal
  • EX Mistral is a fast command grab whose recovery can be cancelled into another special (only on a successful grab). Depending on where you are on the screen, Elisabeth can follow up with either qcf.C midscreen, or with dp.C in the corner.

Coup de Veine: DP + P (EX)

  • This is not your traditional "Dragon Punch," as it has no invulnerability, nor does it anti air the space directly 45 degrees above. Instead, Elisabeth uses these specials mid combo, or after a counter hit CD. Depending on the height of the opponent, both the C version and A version juggle.
  • Dp.A combos off st.A and cr.A, so create your combos accordingly. Dp.C, on the other hand, should be combo'd after her st.C f+B attack string.


Noble Blanche: QCFx2 + P (EX)

  • Not many uses, but it is invincible and the EX version nets decent damage for relatively little meter gain for the opponent, so it does have some place in Elisabeth's gameplay.

Grand Rafale: QCFHCB + P

  • A very important DM for Elisabeth, for one reason - it juggles anywhere. So not only can it combo mid-combo, but anti airs and air to airs will lead to the opponent losing a decent chunk of life. Try to avoid using this at the end of long combos, though, as damage scaling kicks in pretty hard.


Etoile Filante: QCBHCF + B + D

  • A counter NeoMax. Has very little active frames, so players have to be extremely confident in their read if they plan to use this 3 Stock, 2 Drive counter. A Max Cancel, on the other hand, will result in Elisabeth going straight into the NeoMax animation, bypassing the counter frames.



  • Cr.B, cr.A xx dp.A, dp.A, j.D
  • St.C, f+B xx dp.C, dp.A, dp.A, j.A
  • St.C, f+B xx dp.C, qcf.C, dp.A, dp.A, j.C (Corner)

1 Bar 0 Drive

  • Any of the combos above: anywhere juggle with Grand Rafale after the air reset.
  • St.C, f+B xx hcb~f.AC, qcf.C, dp.A, dp.A, j.D

1 Bar 1 Drive

  • Cr.B, cr.A xx dp.A (DC) qcf.AC, qcf.B~qcf.C, dp.A, dp.A, j.C
  • St.C, f+B xx dp.C, dp.A (DC) qcf.AC, qcf.B~qcf.C, dp.A, dp.A, j.C
  • St.C, f+B xx dp.C, qcf.C, dp.A (DC) qcf.AC, qcf.C, qcf.C, dp.A, dp.A, j.C (Corner)

2 Bar 1 Drive

  • Elisabeth's practical way to use 2 Bars and 1 Drive involves starting the combo with either qcb~f.AC or dp.AC. The standard followup after both these moves anywhere on the screen is qcf.C, dp.A. Drive cancel that last dp.A into qcf.AC and follow up with the latter half of the DC combos above.

2 Bar 2 Drive

  • As Elisabeth needs 3 Bars to combo into NeoMax, she does not have many practical 2 Drive combos. If needed, the general rule is that a dp.A hitting at a lower height can be Drive Cancelled into qcf.AC, so get creative.

3 Bar 2 Drive

  • St.C, f+B (HD) st.C xx dp.A (HDC) qcf.a, dp.A (HDC) qcf.a ... (5 total loops), j.CD, qcf~hcb.A (MAX Cancel) qcb~hcf.BD

Console Changes

  • Etincelles builds up less meter
  • Ex Reverie-geler has a longer recovery time on a success. Because of that, normal moves can’t be used for the additional hit. The recovery time can be cancelled with a special.
  • An Ex version of her Reverie-souhaiter and Reverie-prier have been added in the game. It’s invincible while in movement and cancelable with a special. What’s more, the special will automatically come out as an Ex version without the need of meter. However, supers will not turn into an Ex.
  • Grand Rafale’s damage has been dropped from 200 to 150.
  • Noble-Blanche has longer invincibility.
  • Ex Noble-Blanche’s hitbox has been changed so that it’s easier to get in all the multiple hits. With this change, it does a full hit at the corner.
  • Grand Rafale has more cancelable frames for MAX cancel.

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