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Athena Asamiya



  • St.A is a good anti-air/hop, despite it have a fairly short hitbox.
  • Cr.A is special cancellable, and chainable after cr.B, making this a viable way to confirm into specials.



  • Cr.B is a great move, lowering Athena's hitbox for certain anti airs extending for a great poke range. Chained cr.B's can link into dp.C as well giving Athena an easy hit confirm after a low.
  • St.B is a great anti-hop tool with a better vertical hitbox than st.A, but keep in mind that it is a little slower, and has a a smidge less active frames.
  • J.B is a standard crossup that works on both standing opponents and crouching opponents.



  • St.C is your standard, fast cl.C. Athena's st.C is unique in the sense that it does not have a far version, however, in exchange, it does not have the vertical hitbox that most cl.C's have.
  • Cr.C is an amazing poke that is also special cancellable. This is her farthest reaching normal, so please make good use of this move. Also fast enough to be linked after a close A version Psycho Ball.



  • To control the space directly above her, and to stop opponents from jumping up close, use cl.D. This move has huge priority versus full jumping opponents and those who try to jump away. Also catches some crossup attempts, making this a huge tool in Athena's arsenal.
  • While not special cancellable like many other sweeps, cr.D has amazing range, making it both a boot poke and anti-air at certain distances.
  • J.D has a great angled hitbox that makes it suitable for both jump-ins and neutral jump air to airs.




Phoenix Bomb: f + B

  • An interesting command normal that puts Athena airborne, thus, cannot be cancelled into HD mode like most command normals. Can, however, be cancelled into Phoenix arrow for some of Athena's most optimal DC combos.


Kuuchuu Phoenix Bomb: f + B (In air)

  • As the Japanese name suggests, this is the airborne version of Phoenix Bomb. Retains the same cancel properties. More importantly though, this move can be inputted during a backdash, greatly extending the range and reducing the recovery of the backdash.




Psycho Ball: QCB + P (EX)

  • Athena's staple special that she should abuse to death. Unless you are playing against characters like Daimon and Duo Lon, Athena uses Psycho Ball almost like Ryu in ST. Also a good pressure tool combined with cl.D.
  • EX version has a very slow startup and hits multiple times. Great in a fireball war because of how unpredictable it is to jump it.


Psycho Sword: DP + P (EX)

  • An average DP that only anti airs a very specific spacing. Useful in her zoning game, but not so useful when used as a reversal. Will whiff on certain jumps as well.


Psycho Reflector: QCB + K (EX)

  • An amazing reflector that will repel every projectile that comes at Athena, either nullifying multi projectiles or sending back at the opponent. Also hits anti-air, and adds an extra juggle state on hit.


Psychic Teleport: QCF + K (EX)

  • A teleport that is completely vulnerable, so only use this move during specific mixups or as a spacing tool.
  • EX version is hit invulnerable, but is still throwable.


Phoenix Arrow: QCB + K in air (EX)

  • A dive style move that is punishable on block (by command grab), but will most likely catch opponents off guard due to its fast recovery and minimal block stun that it causes. Good for some pressure strings and mixups into command grab.
  • C and EX version are reserved for combo use only, as they are massively unsafe on block.


Super Psychic Throw: (Grab range) HCF + P (In air) (EX)

  • A relatively fast command grab (~3 frames) that will send the opponent flying in a juggle state. Hits from both sides of Athena, so this could potentially be a great roll punish as well. Follow up with Phoenix Bomb for a combo, or any standing normal/special.




Shining Crystal Bit: HCBx2 + P (Also possible when airbone) (EX)

  • An omnidirectional super that has a massive hitbox and a lot of active frames. Players might get this super on accident due to the similarity of its motion and Psycho Ball's motion, so be careful. On the other hand, its active frames make it very hard to punish.




Psycho Medley 13: HCBF + A + C

  • Athena rushes straight forward, bombarding the opponent with the many different forms of Athena. Not only does this net great damage in HD mode, but it serves as a great punish in the fireball game, punishing badly placed rolls and jumps easily.






  • Cr.B x3 dp.C
  • Cl.C, f+B, air qcb.D



1 Drive


  • Cl.C, f+B, air qcb.D (DC on last hit) qcb.B, qcb.A, dp.C (Corner)



1 Bar 1 Drive


  • Cl.C, f+B, air qcb.D (DC on last hit) qcb.AC, qcb.A, qcb.A, dp.C (Corner)



2 Bar 2 Drive


  • Cl.C xx qcb.A, cr.C (HD) cl.C, f+B, air qcb.D (HDC on last hit) qcb.B, qcb.A, dp.C (HDC) qcf.B, qcb.A, dp.C (HDC) qcf.B, qcb.A, dp.C (HDC) qcf.B, qcb.A, hcb~f.AC (Close to corner)




  • Phoenix Bomb (from Cancel) has a different trajectory from arcade version and hits a crouching opponent as a combo from a normal fierce
  • Weak Phoenix Arrow's recovery time has been reduced, but it also causes a shorter Hitstun on the opponent
  • EX Psycho Teleport can be canceled with a special or super. The Arcade version only allowed drive canceling at the second half of the move, but it no longer has that limit and it's also a normal cancel now (doesn't cost drive meter)
  • Standing CD comes out faster
  • Shining Crystal Bit doesn't move back on execution

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