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Ken the Eagle - Tatsunoko


"I always lead by example, and that's why I must win every fight!"


Ken is the Science Ninja Team leader. His real name is Ken Washio, he’s 18 years old, and he works as a test pilot. As Ken the Eagle he uses an eagle-shaped boomerang weapon known as the Bird Run. His “light jet,” which he uses for air races while undercover, transforms into the high speed G1 which can be attached to the God Phoenix super-ship. One of his objectives is to find information about his father, whom he barely knew due to them being separated from one another when he was young.


Ken the Eagle is a member of a 5-hero super team in the popular Tatsunoko series originally named Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman. The series is best known to English-speakers by its adaptation title of Battle of the Planets (or G-Force).

Gameplay Details: Ken is a character for those who value high mobility and the age old maxim of 'safety first'. He can approach and escape from threats free a a bird with his arsenal of high-speed attacks which render him very hard for the opponent to punish. His damage output is not very high, but he makes up for it with a variety of tricks and tactics.




Difficulty: basic/intermediate

Style: mobility based

Defensive power: Ken has less HP than Ryu, but overall is a fantastic defensive character. His Bird Shoot special lets him fly around and stall while simultaneously attacking, and his Random Flight gives him the option to shrug off pressure and trick up the opponent.

Offensive power: While he doesn't deal too much damage on his own, he does enough damage off random hits to be threatening. In general he will want a little bit of help to really hurt the opponent. He is a master of initiating Crossover Air Raids, and since in TvC the higher up your opponent is the more damage they take, Ken's partners will love the height that his air raids are capable of generating.

Approach strength: Ken can approach with ease and safety due to the properties of his special moves. Almost everything he does is safe and allows room for error. He can pressure the opponent just fine with his teleports and quickly advancing attacks, although his melee range is sometimes a little bit short. He has an unusually slow and floaty jump which allows him to remain airborn longer than other characters, which gives him time to scope out openings while keeping himself relatively safe from being punished on the ground.

Combo ability: By themselves his combos are fairly standard, but he's very good at turning stray hits into combos. With the right assist his combo ability improves drastically due to his mastery of the air.

Meter Usage: Ken does sometimes need to rely on his hypers to deal greater damage and to help his combos, and also likes to save it for Delayed Hyper Combinations and Crossover Air Raids. He can build meter passively just by flying around and using his specials, much to his opponent's annoyance.

Key Techniques: Learning to use Random Flight and Bird Shoot to perform assist crossups is a great way to open the opponent's guard. Also using Bird Shoot in air combos and linking afterwards is something that Ken users should come to feel comfortable with.

Partner Options: Anyone with a projectile asist is obviously a good choice, but Ken's best partner is definately Tekkaman. Tekkaman's assist helps a lot in combos, and Delayed Hyper Combos into Tekkaman do a lot of damage. Tekkaman also provides very damaging Crossover Air Raids, and Ken is good at initiating those.