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Jun the Swan - Tatsunoko


"Don't mistake my Science Team Ninja Yo-Yo for a simple toy."


The only female member of the Science Ninja Team (which fights the evil organization Galactor), Jun specializes in explosives and sabotaging enemies’ forts. In battle she uses a customized yo-yo-type weapon that has been merged with a knife, and mesmerizes her enemies with her sophisticated moves.


Jun the Swan originated in Tatsunoko's 1972 series Science Team Ninja Gatchaman. It is also known as the abbreviated name Gatchaman, the English adaptation title Battle of the Planets, or G-Force. Jun the Swan is a member of a 5-member super team.




Nimble and agile, Jun the swan is easy to pick up but slightly less easy to master. At a basic level she's friendly for beginners, having simple combos and fairly straightforward attacks. She may seem a little weak at dealing damage, but that's where some of Jun's more subtle abilities come into play. At a higher level Jun the Swan has solid offense and fantastic combo ability, with many ways to aid her opponent which make her the sort of character who can fit in with just about any team combination. Her many deceptive tricks will only help to make her just that much more annoying to fight against in the hands of a dedicated player.



Difficulty: Basic-intermediate

Style: All-rounder/rushdown

Defensive power: she lacks a fast anti-air and her HP is just below average, but with her yo-yo and bombs as well as the large hitbox on her jumping heavy attack, she has fair defense. Her attacks are also quite safe. She tends to build meter quickly and can mega crash often.

Offensive power: Jun doesn't deal huge damage, but she does build a lot of meter. Her damage output is respectable but not amazing.

Approach strength: Thanks to her speed and safe attacks, Jun has a very strong approach and with the right assist she is able to put on significant pressure at close range. Her Dancing Swan is a fairly fast overhead and can be thrown into he combos for agressive mixups.

Combo ability: Her attacks all link into each other easily, allowing for long freeform combos that build plenty of bar while dealing sufficient damage. She is able to combo from her Dancing Swan as well, giving her plenty of options. More advanced combos include the use of her bombs and yoyo's to do small combos at a distance.

Meter Usage: Jun can choose to conserve her meter (which she builds quite quickly) for megacrash or to finish her combos with a Hyper attack. Since her Talon Burst is such a useful Hyper to use in Delayed Hyper Combos, there's a lot of fun things that Jun can do with her meter.

Key Techniques: Jun players should learn how to use her bombs in combos and how to airdash and combo after landing a dancing swan. More advanced players should learn how to use her bombs to further extend air combos and do situational distance combos. She also has a corner loop that can be repeated a couple of times, boosting her damage output slightly.

Partner Options: Jun goes well with anyone and everyone. However she benefits from a character who has strong Hyper moves and a useful anti-air assist. For this reason she partners well with the likes of Tekkaman, Chun Li, Zero and Karas