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Joe the Condor - Tatsunoko

"The tragedy of all losers is that they think they were on the verge of victory."


Joe the Condor puts his skills as a crack shot to use as the second-in-command for the Science Ninja Team. His weapons of choice are his trusty Air Gun and Feather Shuriken, and he employs them to a deadly advantage in battle. After his parents were killed when he was very young, he vowed that he would not rest until all evil was eradicated, and he will use any means to achieve that single-minded goal.

Character Origin

Ken the Eagle is a member of a 5-hero super team in the popular Tatsunoko series originally named Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman. The series is best known to English-speakers by its adaptation title of Battle of the Planets (or G-Force).


 Gameplay Details:

Joe the condor is a speedy fighter who can attack at any range. His moves are sometimes a little wild but for the most part he is able to keep his blockstrings tight when he gets in close and begins to pressure the opponent. At a distance he has a range of projectile specials to poke at opponents who try to run. He sports a very effective counter attack to deal with over agressive opponents as well. Joe the Condor's combos are powerful and he can use his shurikens and guns to extend his air combos in very creative ways, and as his shurikens can cancel special moves he is able to keep himself safe while pressuring the opponent. While he may seem easy to play at first, the complexity of his feather shurikens keep him from being easily mastered, and make him difficult to play using anything other than a fight stick.



Difficulty: Moderate-Advanced

Style: All-range/rushdown

Defensive power: He has average HP and his counters and shurikens allow him to stay relatively safe while attacking. The shurikens can be used both offensively and defensively.

Offensive power: Joe deals great damage overall, with strong options to get damage from his combos and finishers. His singular projectile attacks are quite weak though, so he will rely on getting close in order to deal any real damage.

Approach strength: Once Joe gets in, he can keep attacking for as long as he has a shuriken prepared to cancel out his specials. With an assist to help him, this allows him to put on some serious pressure.

Combo ability: Joe can use his shurikens and guns to extend his air combos, which can be complicated since buttons need to be held. The result is fairly impressive when done correctly.

Meter Usage: Joe rarely uses meter except for Megacrash and finishing off his combos with either Condor Magnum or Science Ninpo Tornado Fighter,  although this isn't necessary most of the time. His Bird Missile is very rarely used in Variable Hyper Combinations. Other than this, Joe builds meter fairly quickly thanks to his ability to pressure at close range.

Key Techniques: Players should learn how to use Joe's guns and shurikens to extend air combos, which is more complicated than it seems. Learning how to buffer shurikens during combos and blockstrings is crucial to making the most of Joe's unique skillset.

Partner Options: Joe can use any projectile super to keep his pressure on. He also works well with Polimar, who's assist is helpful. Joe and Polimar can do a powerful Variable Hyper Combination using Polimar's Tenshin Polimar Drill and Joe's Bird Missile against downed opponents. He also works well with Roll for the same reasons.