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Ippatsuman - Tatsunoko

"I fight to see evil vanquished and good rewarded!"


Ippatsuman is a mysterious hero who always appears just in time to save Ran and Harubou, who work for the highly successful Time Lease leasing company. His special rubber suit protects him from attacks by redirecting the impact. He can also throw the “Ultimate Rainball” projectile weapon and manipulate its direction with his superpowers. 


Reversal Ippatsuman (Gyakuten Ippatsuman) was first aired in 1982. Time Lease, a business that leases everything you can think of including robots, has been number one for a decade. Skull Lease, a rival leasing company in the same city run by notorious villians, works to discrace Time Lease and take the number one spot for themselves and advance a plan for world conquest. One day a transport robot of Time Lease is assaulted by he villain trio of Skull Lease and Ippatsuman has to save the day.


Ippatsuman is a very strong character who can fill a variety of roles. Having very few weaknesses and plenty of strengths, he's a jack of all trades who can feel safe at all ranges and deal impressive damage up close. He is able to flow from attack to attack thanks to the properties of his special moves, and his air grab super lets him hit the opponent with powerful resets. Since he relies on his grab super to deal his greater damage, he usually ends up using a lot of meter passively, and so may sometimes find himself falling behind.



Difficulty: Intermediate

Style: All-rounder

Defensive power: He has slightly below average HP, and a few tricks here and there to keep himself safe against approaches or get out of tight situations. Approaching him from the air is very risky due to his array of strong Dragon-Punch style attacks.

Offensive power: His attacks and combos can do considerable damage, but his real strength comes from his air grab resets. He is also able to attack opponents who are down by using his Mound Blast.

Approach strength: His mixups at close range are fearsome thanks to his ability to airdash directly after using his light Quick Upper. He can use his Rainball to poke at long-ranged opponents as well as his Straight Fly, which lets him cross the screen and punish opponents instantly. At close range some of his attacks and movements are a little bit slow until he gets going.

Combo ability: Ippatsuman's regular combos can be extended by airdashing after his Quick Upper in many cases, and he can either choose to end an air combo with a reset using his Final Reversal Breaker or continue into a grounded Mound Blast, which can be baroqued to allow him to continue into another air combo.

Meter Usage: In order to pull off his powerful resets, Ippatsuman generally likes to use his meter to perform Final Reversal Breaker.

Key Techniques: Players should learn how to perform his air resets and how to continue his ground pressure by airdashing after a light Quick Upper. More advanced players may want to learn how to use his Gyakuten-Oh hyper to perform ground resets on the switch.

Partner Options: Polimar works well with Ippatsuman.  He can benefit from most types of assist but anti-air assists are less valuable to him. Because his Grand Slam Hyper knocks down, it is also useful as a Delayed Hyper Combination starter into a powerful Hyper that hits downed opponents such as Tekkaman's Super Spinning Tekkalancer.