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Gold Lightan - Tatsunoko


"If you have the will you can overcome an opponent of any size!"


Lightan is a golden warrior who came to Earth from the Robot Dimension to save humanity from the invasion of King Ibalda. He retains the form of a small pocket-sized lighter until summoned. When he is called, he transforms into a giant robot traveling along the Rainbow Road and crushes enemies with his dynamic moves. His signature move, “Gold Crash,” pierces straight into his opponents’ heart with his “hand sword” and crushes their core.





Golden Warrior Gold Lightan was a popular anime series aired in 1981 to 1982 in Japan.  The story is about a young boy named Hiro Taikai who accidentally found a gold lighter which turned out to be the giant Golden Warrior Gold Lightan with the mission to save the earth from every invasion of King Ibalda.





Gold Lightan may seem undefeatable at first, but this is far from the truth. Factually he is one of the most difficult characters to use successfully, having major weaknesses in his mobility and inability to avoid taking damage in many situations. Many matchups are an uphill battle for Lightan, though he does have his strengths. Lightan's attacks are quick and powerful even though his movement is slow. He can easily cause a lot of damage over a short period of time and ruthlessly keep the opponent pinned with his barrage of kicks and hand attacks...providing he can get in close. Lightan also has the ability to punish anyone standing on the ground using his powerful earthquake attacks. Lightan takes dedication to master, but in the hands of a patient player he can wreak all kinds of havoc on unprepared opponents. He is also a very decent counterpick character to certain teams who don't have a way to deal with him.


Difficulty: Moderate-Advanced

Style: tactical rushdown

Defensive power: very high yet very low. He has the highest amount of HP in the game, plus constant hyper armor, however he only has one life bar and cannot regain HP. He also has a very hard time avoiding damage. This makes him much more fragile than he would seem.

Offensive power: Very strong. Capable of doing powerful combos at midrange and his hyper attacks hit for great damage.

Approach strength: Very poor. Lightan has extreme difficulty chasing down an opponent due to his exceptionally poor dash and slow movement. Once he is up close, he needs to be wary since many of his attacks have blindspots which either leave him open or allow the opponent to escape his pressure.

Combo ability: Moderate. For a giant character he has surprisingly good combo ability, but this isn't saying too much. Relies on baroque to do his most dangerous combos.

Meter Usage: High. He requires meter to finish the opponent off in many cases, and also to escape from Tek Win with a Megacrash after being snared. He also needs to use his Gold Crash a lot in order to punish opponents who are trying to use ground projectiles.

Key Techniques: Lightan players need to learn to baroque Battleship Breaker in order to get close to the opponent. Using his Gold Crash to hit distant opponents who are standing on the ground is also vital. It's worth remembering that an airborn Gold Crash is much faster. He also needs to learn how to use his Gold Press to 'kara cancel' from his B+M attack in order to move forward, which helps his mobility problems somewhat.

Partner Options: None

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