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Slang terms present in the fighting game community

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  • A term used when a player figures out his opponents gameplan. Typically used when the player loses the first round but convincingly beats their opponent in rounds 2 and 3.
  • A term used to describe a person, combo or situation that is extraordinary. "Those Grand Finals were GODLIKE!" "His execution is GDLK!"
  • This is the opposite of Mortons -- it's when a player is on a roll and eating up an opponent, typically on the offensive and "fishing" for an opening to finish ...
  • Another term for when someone is perfected in that their opponents life bar is still green.
  • Another variation of "salty" in reference to Morton's Salt.
  • A term used when someone is perfected.
  • A player who attends tournaments with no intention of winning, simply adding more money to the pot.
  • In reference to the (POW) emote on ustream chat. First coined at the Keystone II scambats by MAGUS1234 when he would ask the stream monsters to fill the chat with (POW) ...
  • Yipes originally coined this term within the Marvel scene. Originating from the catchphrase "Once you pop, the fun don't stop", the term Pringles was first used in reference to Magneto's crouching ...
  • This is when someone is visibly upset about losing. Typically seen through facial expressions as if they just ate something salty.
  • Term for someone who is terrible at fighting games with no intentions of getting any better due to the fact that they are convinced they are already a legit player.
  • A person who does not attend tournaments or have any real skill but hangs out on live stream chats critiquing tournament players as if they could do any better. Also general ...
  • A player who waits to see who is a powerful character in a game, opting to use said character instead of exploring the rest of the cast.