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Many fighting games will give you the ability to quick rise, which is exactly what it sounds like -- you will rise from the ground much quicker than you would if you did not input a quick rise command. It differs from game to game and is more complex in certain games than others.


The most obvious example is quickrising in Street Fighter 4. You have two ways you can do this -- by pressing down just as you hit the ground or pressing all three punches. You character will flip up and you will be back in the action immediatley.


Although getting up faster seems like it's a good idea, in some instances it is not and in every match you can mix up quick rising and just lying there. Sometimes it is wise to not quick rise to throw off your opponents cross up timing, or stay out of certian mix up situations. An example of this is versus C. Viper in Street Fighter 4 where if you quick rise she has the ability to pressure you with a number of different mix ups. If you do not quickrise though you will avoid many of these mix ups and limit her options. - (Also see: Selective Tech - link.)


In some 3D games, not only can you quick rise, but you can quick rise, or roll, into different areas of the stage. For instance you can roll back, forward or to the side. Be careful though that in many cases you can be punished if your opponent knows which way you will get up.  

Last updated on February 8, 2010 by haunts