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A reset is when you put your opponent into an air borne state and then hit them with a normal move such as a jab to make them "reset" out of the combo instead of ending the combo with a standard finisher. Resets are used to start mix up games because the opponent will have to react to what you do after you reset them as they come down from the air. This is typically frowned upon in tournament play in that you are giving up guaranteed damage in favor of a mix up. That said, it is still  imperative to know reset set-ups for each character to understand how they work and what to expect.

As an example, Akuma in many games has a number of different resets by hitting the opponent with a jab after a hurricane kick. In Street Fighter 3 he could reset the opponent and then execute his Super. This reduces damage scaling due to the fact that the combo has ended. This is also a good example of why resetting the opponent can get you in trouble, because the opponent can parry out of the super if Akuma decides to go for it.

Makoto in 3s also has a number of resets she can perform. One of the most common is EX Hayate in the corner, F+LK. The Forward + Light Kick will reset the opponent, then you can Kara-Karakusa so they land into the grab. She also has a number of resets from her Fukiage and Super Art II.

Last updated on February 10, 2010 by haunts