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To all the guys in the East Coast who's been looking for a KOF scene, or you're just in a place where there's no scene in general, I just want to say that there is a place for you to go!

Drive Cancel is a weekly episodic series for The King of Fighters XIII. Hosted by Marco Polo, 2-time Kumate champion, and Local Battles, this show's main mission is to raise awareness and garner interest for KOF XIII in the East Coast, and to also keep everyone up to date with the latest KOF-related news. Drive Cancel is also meant to teach a new generation of players who have never played KOF the fundamentals of the game, so regardless of what level you are, you are absolutely welcome here! This show is meant for all of you, for the guys who have nothing to do on a weekend, all the way to the guy who is unfortunate enough to not have a scene at all where he lives, and is still looking and striving to be better. It's for all of us, and hopefully you can join us and level up.

Drive Cancel is every Saturday, 8 PM EST, held at Local Battles in Fort Lee, NJ and also on their stream,

All guests are welcome! In fact, a good number of people who come to the show are beginners or are people who have not yet reached that high level. Again, this is meant for everyone of ALL levels! So if you come by Local Battles and want to be a part of the show, you're more than welcome to come and level up with us.

All of this culminates and leads up to the most dedicated East Coast KOF tournament there is, the Drive Cancel Regionals! DCR will be filled with all the East Coast killers who want to prove that they are the best in The King of Fighters XIII. With a big pot in line, who will be crowned the DCR Champion? It could be you!

So hopefully all of you can help support us and support the East Coast KOF scene. Even if you're West Coast, help us out! It'll only make the competition that much deeper and more fulfilling for everyone, and will only help the KOF scene in general get bigger.

Here the links to help us out!

Here is the stream. Remember, every Saturday at 8 PM EST!!

And here is the registration page for DCR:

Once again
Yep, the pot is gonna be huge, so if you think you have what it takes to be the King, then step up!

Thanks guys. I've been a huge, huge, HUGE fan of The King of Fighters all the way back to the year 2000. I've only just gotten into the FGC, and frankly, I love being a part of it. It's just a little sad that the KOF scene in the East Coast is both scarce and scattered, and I really want to help every KOF player here in the EC connect through some means. Hopefully, Drive Cancel is that answer.

Thank you, and much love to you guys.
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April 17, 2012 | Registered CommenterAldrin B