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Fei Long - Normal Moves - Super Street Fighter 4



Standing Light Punch is very fast and easy to combo. It can be cancelled into his Rekkas and Flame Kick from close, but the Flame Kick will miss from a long range Light Punch.  Rekka can be cancelled into at any range.

Crouching Light Punch is also easy to combo as it is fast as well. It too can be cancelled into Rekka at any range or into Flame Kick (will only hit from close range). 

Neutral Jump Light Punch 

Diagonal Jump Light Punch



Standing Medium Punch can be cancelled into Rekka or Flame Kick from close range but not from long range.

Crouching Medium Punch is OK as a poke but Crouching Medium Kick has slightly better range (very slight), making it a better choice. This cannot be cancelled into Special Moves, however.

Neutral Jump Medium Punch

Diagonal Jump Medium Punch is a jump-in attack. It can be useful as an instant overhead if your starting position is right next to your opponent and you diagonally jump away from him and immediately use this attack.



(ANTI-AIR) Standing Heavy Punch is Fei Long's most damaging normal from far range.  It can be cancelled into Rekka or Flame Kick from close range but not from far. From close range only (uppercut move) it can be used as an anti-air.

Crouching Heavy Punch has greater reach than Standing Heavy Punch.

Neutral Jump Heavy Punch

Diagonal Jump Heavy Punch is a jump-in attack.



Standing Light Kick cannot be cancelled into his special moves, so if you are close range and need a fast attack, you're usually better off going with his Light Punches as those can lead to bigger damage potential.  It does have slightly better range, however.

Crouching Light Kick is very fast and can combo into almost all of his other Light Attacks, making it very useful.  Cannot cancel into Special Moves but can be chained into Super.

Neutral Jump Light Kick

Diagonal Jump Light Kick



(ANTI-AIR) Standing Medium Kick can be cancelled into Rekka or Flame Kick from close range but not from far range.  Take great care in using this move at long range as it misses against a crouching opponent at any range except when you are right next to him.  It can be used as an anti-air.

Crouching Medium Kick has a very deceptive range. Due to the hitbox it looks like it should hit from farther out than it actually does. His foot will actually pass through an opponent and still not hit, so learn this move's *effective* range. His toes are sticking out but you have to hit with the heel of the foot to connect.

Neutral Jump Medium Kick

(CROSS-UP) Diagonal Jump Medium Kick is Fei Long's cross-up move. As with all cross-ups, it is important to Fei Long's mix-ups to keep your opponent guessing.



(ANTI-AIR) Standing Heavy Kick can be used as an anti-air. Other than that use, it doesn't have much range.

(SWEEP) Crouching Heavy Kick is your standard sweep which will result in an untechable knockdown. As with his Crouching Medium Kick, however, its actual range is a bit deceptive as there is a point after his max range where it looks like it should hit but the front of the foot appears to pass through the opponent. Learn its actual effective range.

Neutral Jump Heavy Kick

Diagonal Jump Heavy Kick has tremendous reach, making it an excellent jump-in attack. It has much, much farther reach than Jumping Heavy Punch, so use this if you need a jumping attack to connect from a greater distance.



F + MK


This is an overhead attack, meaning it will hit crouching opponents. This move is extremely important to Fei Long's gameplan as using it effectively keeps the opponent from just crouch blocking all of his offense. It is fairly fast and has good range. Not only that, but the attack also moves Fei Long closer to the opponent as well, so this move not only keeps the opponent wary of crouch-blocking but it also improves position, which for Fei Long is extremely important.


F + HK


This is a two hit attack from close range. First hit does 90 Damage/150 Stun and second hit does 60 Damage/50 Stun. Total for both hits is 150 Damage/200 Stun. From maximum range only the second hit will connect.

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