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Standing Light Punch is a pretty fast jab which can beat some normals. It is pretty much exactly as fast as Ryu's Light Punch, is easy to chain into itself, and can be cancelled into a Special Move or his Super.

Standing Medium Punch is another good poke for Evil Ryu as it can be cancelled into a Special Move or his Super either from up close or from far away. It has good range as well.

Diagonal Jump Medium Punch, like Ryu's, can be a multi-hit and put your opponent into a juggle state and you can combo out of it.

Neutral Jump Medium Punch is pretty good if someone is under you.  You can jump up, hit him with this move, and combo into a Hurricane Kick or a Shoryuken.

Crouching Heavy Punch is mostly useful as an anti-air. Like Ryu's, practice the timing as it does have some startup but it is quite effective.  It can also be used at point blank as it can be cancelled into a Special Move or his Super, but for the most part you'll want to reserve this for an anti-air.

Standing Light Kick is pretty much the same as Ryu's.  It isn't especially noteworthy.

Diagonal Jump Light Kick is pretty good because it can be a pretty ambiguous cross-up move. However, it is very difficult to combo out of.  It's decent to use to go for a tick-throw or something.

Standing Medium Kick can be cancelled into a Special Move from close range but not from afar.  It is better to use Crouching Medium Kick at any range other than very close.  Standing Medium Kick is slightly faster at very close range but at farther range it is inferior in every way and, as mentioned, cannot be cancelled into anything.

Crouching Medium Kick is one of his best pokes, just like Ryu.  You should be using this one often from almost every range! It has good range and is cancellable into both Special Moves or his Super.  Like Ryu, Crouching Medium Kick 2-in-1 into Fireball works great at pretty much any range.  It is already said that it has good range, but Evil Ryu's seems to actually move him forward a bit in some circumstances, which is extremely useful if you want to stay in your opponent's face to maintain pressure.  Learn everything about this move!

Diagonal Jump Medium Kick is his primary cross-up move.  It is very easy to start a combo with this as a starter, so learn how to use this move effectively and some nice bread-and-butter combos as a follow-up damage.

Standing Heavy Kick is pretty much like Ryu's.  At far range it can act as a reasonably effective anti-air depending on your opponent's angle of attack and what attack he is using.  At close range it does multiple-hits (an axe-kick) and does more damage than at medium or long range.

Crouching Heavy Kick is a sweep which results in a hard knockdown.  It looks a lot like Akuma's and like Akuma's it has good range and speed, but you cannot combo into it after a Hurricane Kick like Akuma can.

Diagonal Jump Heavy Kick is another good jump-in attack as it does good damage and is pretty easy to combo out of.


Zugai Hasatsu

Evil Ryu brings down an overhead chop attack which, as you may have guessed, is an overhead!  So, if your opponent is playing very defensively in a crouching position (likely if your opponent plays a charge character) this move can help you crack their defense.

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