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  • Against TAP you can use Crouching Light Kick into Medium Ruffian Kick, or if you're quick enough even Crouching Heavy Punch into Criminal Upper.


  • High Blocked Blanka Balls can be punished with EX Ruffian Kick. In the corner you can follow up with EX Criminal Upper.
  • Blanka Ball on hit can be punished with Ultra 2 - Last Dread Dust


  • Crouching Medium Kick will slide under Bisons Headstomps allowing you to punish him with a combo or throw.


  • Blocked Condor Dives can be punished with Forward and Heavy Kick, Criminal Upper, Ruffian Kicks and Ultra 2 when timed correctly. Medium Ruffian Kick is generally your best bet with no meter because regardless of the spacing you're looking at 130 damage output. Criminal Upper can net you 160 dmg or so but the spacing and timing has to be on point.

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These newer Guides look very well put together and are much easier to read and comprehend. Awesome job and keep em coming!

April 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSlushi3

I've been main-ing Cody for the past 2 weeks and I love him. So many tools and bad ass too boot. I figured I"d contribute to some of the match ups with how I deal with my most problematic match ups. These do work consistently.

Blanka - Ultra 1 beats Blanks U1. So if you see it coming, or he tries to mix you up with a knock them, crank that out.

Dudley - Pretty much same as Boxer if he goes on a MGB rampage.

Guile - If you keep your cool, you can out Fireball guile's Boom. I've seen this hinder his game immensely. Throw in some Fakes to bait jump ins.

Dhalsim - you can get into a fireball war with Sim but watch for TPs and be ready for quick combos when it does go down

Adon - You can anti his full screen Jaguar tooth with a Medium Slide. If you don't hit him chances are he'll go right over you. Worse case it'll trade but worth it since it makes your opponent think twice about using it as a get in. Also if you have ultra you can easily Ultra 2 if he comes in with a RH Jaguar Tooth. If he does one that comes up short, you're safe anyway. Worth the chance.. It does take some reaction so practice in TM.

Abel - I use Boxer's Strat, jab like crazy.

Shotos - Whenever I knock down depending on where I'm at, I'll throw a stone as soon as I able to. It has fast recovery and if you are close you can come in with a scoop or Sweep if it hits. Usually, if timed right, you are in no danger but if you aren't throwing the rock as soon as you can then don't bother.

May 13, 2010 | Registered CommenterMabans

forgot about guy

Guy - Reactions need to be on point for this but helps a lot if he tries a run mix up game. As soon as you see him 1/2 screen of running in, just Sweep. that's it! If he shadow kicks, you'll either trade or come out on top. Both good things. If he does a Neck Flip, he'll go right over over you, where you can then proceed to combo him up. For BIOs I just anti air with Jaw breakers or c.F.

May 13, 2010 | Registered CommenterMabans

High Ruffian Kick is actually really godlike against Blanka. It actually BEATS Blanka Ball, and can beat his Ultra 1 too, if you do it right. Otherwise, it'll trade one hit, which is still good.

Against Vega, bMP can beat walldives, but can be tricky because he can crossup quick, and change your bMP to a fMP. cMK can slide under it to avoid it, or you can do a late BINGO to avoid it and punish it to boot.

May 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRizhall

I've only checked a few of the character guides, but one thing I saw recently was a video on some of cody's frame traps. I would like to see section for that stuff (frame traps, option selects, mix-ups and setups for some of that stuff) for cody- and other characters as well, if it doesn't already exist. It's possible that the caracters I looked at just didn't have that idk

August 6, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterrequest

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