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CHUN-LI: Capcom

"Even in the Air, I can still dance all over your face!"


Chun-Li, a famous Chinese fighter and Interpol agent, is a prominent martial artist who is renowned for her speedy and powerful kicks. Whether showcasing her fighting ability on the job or in the ring, she has never given up hope of finding her missing father. She knows that the Shadaloo crime organization, and its leader, her longtime arch-enemy M. Bison, are linked to her father’s disappearance.





Chun Li was first introduced in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, and has appeared as a playable character in every Street Fighter game since. She has also made crossover appearances in other games. In Street Fighter II, she is an undercover agent who enters the tournament as a way of getting to its founder, M.Bison.  She wants to avenge her father, who was murdered while investigating Bison's Shadaloo crime syndicate.



Chun-Li is one of the easier characters to play. Beginners will find her quick to pick up and her gameplay style allows them to become more accustomed to the concept of air combos and chain combos. Chun-Li is a very versatile and quick fighter with great range and speed on her attacks. She doesn't have much of a projectile game but is quite fierce up close. She can air jump twice, making her air combos very powerful and giving her superior air mobility.



Difficulty: Basic

Style: Agressive rushdown

Defensive power: Chun Li has solid defensive options and slightly below average HP. Her kicks are fast and have great range, making them good for poking opponents who are trying to push the offense. Her Hyakuretsukyaku has a large hitbox and almost instant startup, making it a fantastic defensive move to serve almost any situation.

Offensive power: Due to her long air combos, she is able to deal a lot of damage and is an ideal partner for Variable Air Raids. Her single hits by themselves are not too strong and her Hyper attacks are weak compared to other characters, but her Hoyokusen is one of the most useful level 1 Hypers for dealing damage in the game, since she can use it to follow into an air combo.

Approach strength: Chun-Li's fast attacks give her plenty of ways to approach safely. Her projectiles don't compliment her very much, so she needs to rely on air dashing and dashing to get in close. Due to the range on her kicks, it's often not hard for her to pressure the opponent into letting down their guard. Hoyokusen can also be used to punish from almost half a screen's length away.

Combo ability: Chun-Li's second air jump lets her continue her air combos in ways most other characters couldn't. She is able to prolong her ground combos by using Hyakuretsukyaku loops in the corner, and also has a re-jump loop as well.

Meter Usage: Chun-Li mostly uses meter for Hoyokusen and Megacrash, but since she builds meter very quickly she can afford to save up for a Shinchisei Senkyukyaku on occasion.

Key Techniques: Players will need to learn how to use Hoyokusen in combos as well as how to make use of her extra jump. Advanced players will need to learn how to do her Hyakuretsukyaku loops to maximise her damage output.

Partner Options: Chun-Li benefits from projectile assists that can help her extend her natural ground combos such as Ryu, Morrigan or Jun the Swan.


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