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Casshan - Tatsunoko


"Every victory brings me closer to the destruction of the Andro Army!"


Tetsuya Azuma transformed himself from an ordinary human into the indestructible neoroider, Casshan. After his transformation, he awakened to awesome, newfound powers. He chooses to use these powers to fight against the android Braiking Boss, who has violently seized control of the world.

Casshan’s signature face mask and pulsar weapon is accompanied by neoroider abilities such as extendable legs and superhuman strength. He is joined by Friender, his robotic dog partner who has a variety of special powers, including the ability to transform into a number of useful machines.



Casshan first appeared in Neo-Human Casshern (Shinzo Ningen Kyashan), also known as Casshan, a 1973 Tatsunoko anime.







Casshan is a very powerful combo machine who lacks range, but makes up for it with his outstanding damage and setup potential. It takes some work to get in on the opponent, but once he starts a combo he can keep it going for some time thanks to his array of  tools, with attacks that let him hit the opponent anywhere, even if they're down. He has high defense and is able to break through opponent's offense with his super armor knee attack, making him a great choice to deal with fast rushdown styled characters such as Karas or Zero. Casshan is also a fantastic teammate, with assists and supers that can aid a range of characters.


Difficulty: Intermediate

Style: high-damage, close combat fighter

Defensive power: Has high HP and some good defensive tricks, including super armor and Friender calls.

Offensive power: Very high. His combos do a lot of damage and are relatively simple. With the right assist he can easily top 30,000b in a single combo.

Approach strength: poor. He has some trouble getting in on characters at range and most of his attacks are somewhat short-ranged or slow to startup. Friender call is too slow to reliably use for pressure.

Combo ability: Very high. Can attack downed opponents and can loop his own combos naturally. His hits deal a lot of damage.

Meter Usage: Average. He uses meter to finish off his combos in many instances.

Key Techniques: Friender reset - using an assist to combo into a friender call, which allows him to loop his ground combo for more hits. Unblockable setups - with an assist and friender he can set up for unblockable damage on an opponent who's tagging in. Hitting grounded opponents - he uses many of his specials to hit opponents who have been knocked down, adding futher damage to his combos.

Partner Options: Casshan makes a great partner for many characters because of his assist. His strongest teammates are Frank West and Roll, as Roll's assist greatly helps him and the two are able to do some damaging combos together. Frank West needs Casshan's assist to do his most damaging combos, and his assist is good for letting Casshan get closer to the opponent.