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"Put your punches where your mouth is and actually try to hit me!"


Batsu Ichimonji is a high school student driven to fight for his friends and family. His fierce moves of the Kiai Dan (“Guts Bullet”) fireball and dashing aerial “Guts Uppercut” represent his straightforward personality and pure fighting style.











Batsu Ichimonji is the main character from the Rival Schools series of fighting games.  The second game in the series was also called Project Justice in some markets. 

He is a street fighter and accomplished martial artist with a strong sense of justice.  He first arrives at Taiyo High as a transfer student searching for his mother.





Batsu has many similar moves to Ryu, but has enough in the way of originals to play quite differently. He is agile and a character of contrast: he has some attacks which are fast and some which are slow, some attacks with great range and some with poor range. While his basic tools are not as strong as Ryu, Batsu is the only character who can attack while blocking, and has arguably the most powerful level 3 hyper in the game.



Difficulty: Basic

Style: All-rounder

Defensive power: He has average HP and is able to attack while guarding. Other than this he lacks a useful anti-air. He is capable of using his Shooting Star Kick for mobility reasons, though this has to be used with caution.

Offensive power: Batsu has solid damage and easy combos. His level 3 super is one of the most powerful if used correctly, and he is able to combo after his Guts Upper Hyper. He has a corner loop which deals a lot of damage for those who have the patience to learn it.

Approach strength: Some of Batsu's ranged attacks are quite slow and predictable, but his jumping heavy attack is excellent for approaching. At close range his pokes are fairly fast, so he doesn't have any trouble landing combos when an opportunity shows itself.

Combo ability: Batsu has the ability to combo his shooting star kick four times per air combo, with two for each jump. He is even able to use a Guts Bullet after these, allowing him to do some flashy air combos with relative ease. His Guts Bullet does a lot of air stun, allowing him to do loops in the corner.

Meter Usage: Batsu can use meter if he wishes, since using his Super Guts Uppercut instead of a launcher does increase his combo damage. He may also benefit from conserving his meter to land a level 3 'United By Fate' Hyper attack, which is especially powerful if his teammate is down.

Key Techniques: Players should learn how to perform two shooting star kicks per jump in a combo, as well as how to juggle the opponent after landing his 'United By Fate' Hyper. Advanced players may want to learn his corner loops too. Understanding how and how not to use the Guts Counter is also important.

Partner Options: Batsu has a poor assist and therefore doesn't help his teammates much. However as a point character he can benefit from any kind of assist that lets him continue his ground combos, such as Ryu, Morrigan or Jun the Swan. He could also use a good anti-air assist such as Karas or Zero. His partner choice is also necessary to determine what sort of attack his 'United By Fate' Hyper performs.