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Ammy is extremely versatile and when you start combining her stances together you can have an answer to an insane amount of situations. Ammy should primarily be played in both Reflector/Glaive stance since these both give options for offense and defense, while sparingly using Rosary stance in certain situations.


The most used stance for its great use of controlling ground space and easily converting off of multiple frame traps into damage. This stance makes Ammy dominate the close range, combining the speed and priority of L and M to supplement the range and ease of hitconfirming of F+H makes her deadly up close. The main reason to use this stance is for her F+H string putting on massive amounts of pressure, and you can cancel into power slash to make you safe and create a frame trap. St. H can be jump canceled which aids in mixups and pressure.

In the air you should mainly be using H because you can chain it into it self and easily combo off of even if its air to air. Also this is useful for option selecting throws, inputing F+H.

The use of a counter supplements this stance by providing with a defensive option and also creates mindgames. If you are doing a counter you can cancel it and go for a throw when the opponent is trying to figure out how to hit you. Be warned this is risky and will require you to condition your opponent.

Glaive stance

This stance is mostly used for its range and air mobility options.  Using H to control the ground is a good option but from max range you get virtually nothing. Mostly you use her air options to open people up. Air H has massive range and can be used to pressure and counter hit with ease. Also you can cross up and still combo from a big range. Using Glaive Dive from super jump height and canceling into Reflector stance is the best way to get in and start applying pressure.

Rosary stance

This is mainly used for zoning and keeping characters that abuse armor out. The multi hitting H normals combined with Cold Star makes it near impossible for some characters to get in. Occasionally use power slash and you can force them to take a lot of damage to get close to you. You have few defensive options in this mode so use this full screen. Air H is good but not worth the risk since you don’t get much off of it.





St.L (30k)

This move was nerffed from vanillia so it is no longer a pressure tool, but it is still Ammy’s fastest normal (3 frames) meaning it can punish and beat many moves and should be the go to normal you use to start XF guard interrupt combos.

Cr.L (28k)

This is Ammy’s fastest low and is generally what you use to start combo’s. It is chainable making it easily hit confirmable. It is negative on hit though so be sure to either chain it to H to be safe.

J. L (35k)

This is mainly used as an instant overhead. It can be combined iwht an assist so you can combo after using it as an instant overhead. This combos into Glaive Dive in Level 3 Xfactor and in Vale of Mist.


St.M (50k)

This is Ammy’s best way to keep pressure going seeing as it beats advance guard and travels around 1/3rd of the screen. This is going to be the best move to get in and continue pressure so use it to your advantage bc your opponent will be wary of this normal.




Cr.M (50k)

Travels a slightly less distance than St. M and is slower to startup. Only use is that it hits low, otherwise same as St. M.

J. M (48k)

Pretty much only used in combos, but on big chars you can instant overhead with this and chain into J.H in Reflector and glaive dive in Glaive stance.


Reflector Stance

St. H (80k)

A decent anti-air but doesn’t hit very high. It is jump cancelable even on block so you can go into mixups off a blocked St. H combined with an assist.

Cr.H (60k)

Low attack, jump cancelable, slightly larger range than St.H, don’t use it.

F+H (60k) x 5

Ammy’s farthest reaching normal in Reflector stance going around 2/5ths the screen. This is ammy’s best counter poke since it has no hurtbox so it can beat many attacks outright. This can be chained into itself, but with each attack you become more negative. You can be thrown if you chain to much, so you should cancel into Power Slash L to keep yourself safe. You can cancel into Launcher at any point, this is used as your main hitconfirm/combo tool in reflector. Learn to abuse it.


J. H (60k)

The hitbox of this move is nearly 360 degrees and is the only jump normal Ammy has that can chain into itself 3 times. This is Ammy’s primary jump in, since it causes massive hitstun and is easily comboable into a ground combo. This is also her primary air to air since it has a great hitbox and can combo into Headbutt H.

Glaive Stance

St. H (80k)

This move has a great horizontal hitbox, slightly shorter range than F+H with reflector. Its vertical hitbox is deceptive being only marginally better than her launcher, the animation is bigger than the hitbox so sometimes it will simply just pass through. The Glaive still extends a good distance so you can keep many people at bay combing this with Power Slash.



Cr.H (80k)

Same horizontal range as St. H but with none of the vertical range. Mainly used as a far reaching low and to get opponents airborne for combo extensions.

F+H (80k) (100k when fully charged) x 4

Only used in combos, don’t use it in the neutral game. Staggers on full charge.

J. H (90k) (110k fully charged)

Same hitbox as reflector J. H just larger on all angles, and is also exceptional for crossing up and creating ambiguous situations off of square jumps. When fully charged it increases damage and causes a ground bounce. Mainly used in combos, but you can hold H to create situations where you land before the H comes out to go for a low, mixing them up.

Glaive Dive (90k, 110k when fully charged) Down-Forward + H

This otg’s and causes ground bounce; its main use is for extending combos. You can use this as a free get in off of a super jump if you cancel it into Reflector forcing a mixup and pressure. It staggers on full charge but No real reason to charge besides wasting time.

Rosary Stance

St.H (79.5k) hits 4 times

Longest reaching normal, reaches around 60% of the screen. Works well for antiair, hitting slighty above regular jump height, and as a general poke. Since its multi hitting its great at breaking through armor moves safely.

Cr. H (79.5k) hits 4 times

Same horizontal range as St. H, mainly used for a long reaching low attack. Same utility as St.H

F+H (79.5k) hits 4 times, can chain 5 times

Used for zoning out and locking down from long distances. Has slightly shorter range than St. H. It is unsafe up close but from a distance it is safe, also you can call an assist during the chain to cover yourself and also combo off a hit.

J.H (79.5k) hits 4 times

Actually has nearly the same hitbox as Glaive J.H, just longer range marginally, it is also multi hitting blowing through armor easily


S (70k)

Ammy’s launcher is pretty fast, but it can be thrown on block. It can be used as anti-air since it hits slightly below regular jump height.

J.S (70k)

Has a similar hitbox to Reflector J.h, really no reason to use this outside a combo unless your forcing them to tech into an unblockable.






Amaterasu has three different weapons:

  • Solar Flare (Down, Down + L) 
  • Glaive Stance (Down, Down + M) 
  • Devout Beads (Down, Down + H). 



You spawn floating celestial brush attacks that act like paper proximity mines hitting opponents who make contact with it. L version send out a paper directly in front of Ammy at around her height, M version sends it closer to Ammy but around 45 degree angle in front of her, and H version sends it directly above Ammy. These are used to make block strings safe because it is positive on block, also this creates many frame traps and is easily hit confirmable if it connects. You can use these to zone in many matchups seeing as some characters outright have no answers for this move alone. Using this as a meaty attack or a tag in mixup guarantees the opponent will either block or be hit.



Amaterasu surges through the air making her body a hitbox. L version goes forward, M version goes 45 degrees up, and H version goes straight down and causes a ground bounce. You can do three of them in the air at a time, but using the H version will ground you. Useful in resetting the opponent into a reset and also for running away, you can do 3 M Head Charges and be above super jump height meaning 99% of things can’t touch you. H version mainly used in combos since if blocked or whiff its massively punishable.




Amaterasu shoots out ice projectiles across the screen. L version shoots straight at Ammy’s height, M version shoots 45 degrees in front of Ammy, H version becomes airborne and shoots at a 45 degree angle downward. L and M version’s primary uses are to chip full screen and to zone, and you can use L version after an Okami Shuffle for free chip. No real reason to use H version, you can jump over projectiles and shoot the opponent, but these situations are far and between. 



A counter using the reflector with many defensive uses. L version counters high attacks, M counters low attacks, and H reflects projectiles and nullifies beams. If L or M counters are successful you enter a cinematic where Ammy Celestial suplexs you and you can combo after easily. The counters hitbox is actually Ammy’s actual hitbox meaning some attacks will whiff above Ammy and not activate the counter. H counter is useful against zoning teams to nullify their keep away and force them to get close.


Thunder Edge (only available in Glaive Stance)

Amaterasu charges her Glaive with lighting and slashes with it. L version goes straight, M version sends you 45 degrees in the air, H version sends you 90 degrees into the air. Mostly used only in combos, but using M and H to get you in the air so you can do an air dash mixup is a good thing to work into your block strings in Glaive form, but be sure to cover with assists or you will be vulnerable the whole time. L version is throwable on block, but it rarely happens due to pushback so using it to combat push block is useful if you use it sparingly.

Glaive Chop

A lighting slash all the way to the ground, also will beat some projectiles. Mainly used in combos and to cancel off of raw Glaive Dive’s, even though its unsafe, people rarely punish it. Still, you should mainly use it only in combos.




Extra - Instant

H version of  Ammy’s counter, it is not useful as an assist since its startup is not fast so it’ll get hit by projectiles most of the time. Plus it only has one use and can’t be used in combos. You should never use this.


Shot - Tilt Down

H version of Ammy’s cold star, very useful as an assist mainly used for its lockdown capability. It lasts a long time and during this duration you can start mixing up heavily, and since it doesn’t knockdown and juggles well if they are airborne makes it easy to combo off, plus it can be used in many combos easily. Any character with a air dash is able to mix up with high low mixups safely using this assist. If a character has a way to dash through characters you can dash between the first shot and the next seven to create ambiguous left/right setups anywhere on the screen. If a character has an unblockable you can lockdown with the assist and unleash it since it leaves them in block stun for a long time. Ammy’s best assist, a must use.


Extra - Instant

A meter gain assist, that gives 30% meter, but don’t use it liberally as it has a decent recovery making it easy to punish. This is useful for teams that require meter build to work such as Morrigan teams or Phoenix teams.






Amaterasu’s go to Hyper for damage. Use this as an ender for combos as a way to maximize damage (see combo section).

The hyper is actually three projectiles, the initial Flame that travels around 80% of the screen, falling ice that hits everything in front of ammy (IT DOES NOT HIT BEHIND HER), then the lighting storm that hits everywhere and the end of lighting tracks.

If your opponent blocks this he has many options. He can run between the phases and air throw you before the lighting, or if they have a teleport they can teleport behind you and air throw you when the ice hits in front of you. Use this smartly and don’t just throw it out, can be used to punish a lot of things (airdashes, whiffs, hypers).



This slows down the opponent in all aspects by 33% for 5 seconds. This even affects hitstun so you can get slow specific combos. Useful to slow down xfactored opponents and waste their time, since many chars combos simply don’t work in slowdown even when xfactored making them easily punished. DHC into a char with an install hyper and they get the benefits of slow making their rushdown almost unstoppable.





Amaterasu’s Level 3, has a huge vertical hitbox and a decent horizontal hitbox. It has loads of invulnerability so you can use it to counter virtually everything. Also this hit overhead for some reason -- you must block this standing -- don’t ask why because no one knows.

If you whiff or the opponent blocks you will always be put into reflector stance, if you connect you will always be put back to Glaive stance. End your combos with this to make sure your opponent either dies or is near death.  



Full transcript of combos can be found in the video description. 



Ammy is almost always used as an anchor and for good reason. Her assist helps out nearly everyone in the cast greatly and her lvl 3 xfactor makes her into one of the best comeback characters in the game. In lvl 3 xfactor just go nuts, go bonkers. It’s very difficult for people to block her since her speed up means she will always be close to the opponent even if they push block. Use Glaive to combo instant J. L into Glaive Dive and convert into a kill combo. Look at the combo section to see how you can kill off anything in lvl 3, even a throw quickly and easily.