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Alex - Capcom

"You can talk the talk, but you can't walk the walk yet, loser!"


Alex, a young fighter born and raised in Manhattan, sets out to find the mysterious challenger who defeated his mentor and trainer, Tom. Extremely quick and powerful, Alex specializes in hand-to-hand combat with a fighting style that utilizes wrestling techniques and throws, complemented by swinging punches.









Alex originated in Street Fighter 3: New Generation. He was intended to be the flagship character for that series.  He's a wrestler from New York who wants to defeat Gill, who badly beat up his friend.


Gameplay Details:

Alex is extremily powerful but also quite slow and lacks a way to safely negate projectiles. He has very poor mobility and can not air jump, which limits his aerial combo ability as well. Thankfully, Alex's raw damage makes up for this. Add to this his many unblockable grabs and powerful reset setups and you have a character who can quickly destroy opponents in the blink of an eye, so long as he is able to get in close enough to really show off his wrestling skills.



Difficulty: Moderate-hard

Style: close range grappler

Defensive power: He has the highest HP for a normal character alongside Tekkaman. His powerful command grabs allow him to deal with close range pressure in many situations. He lacks a good anti-air, since his Air Knee Smash doesn't beat out much.

Offensive power: Alex does huge damage with his attacks and combos. What most characters would do in 20 hits, he can do in only 6 hits. His grapples are very strong and he has a brutal unblockable setup which does more damage in a single move than some characters can do with their bread and butter combo.

Approach strength: Alex has some trouble getting in on opponents. His lack of mobility gives him few options when it comes to approaching. He can move surprisingly quickly by using certain moves, especially with baroque to cancel  his laggy specials.

Combo ability: Alex has some ways to extend his combos, but in general he won't be doing too many hits and his air combos are doomed to always be short due to his lack of an air jump.

Meter Usage: Alex should save up for his Hyper Bomb, which is an incredibly useful attack. Other than this he has enough defense to avoid using megacrash too often, and his level 1 Hypers are fun but for the most part he can do without them.

Key Techniques: Players should learn how to use his aerial heavy attack as a means of mobility as well as slash elbow. Learning how to set up for his unblockable reset is also a good idea if your assist allows it.

Partner Options: Frank West's assist is good for Alex and allows him some time to get closer to the opponent and it also does a good job of setting up tick throws. Polimar's assist is great for setting up unblockable resets. Alex can also benefit from projectile assists from Ryu, Morrigan or Jun the Swan, as they will aid in covering his approaches and can be used in combos. Tekkaman's assist is useful for creating stronger combos off Alex's wall bouncing special attacks. Anti-air assists like Chun Li are also useful for setting up air resets from his Air knee Smash, and also covering for his weak anti-air options.